Fun Business Ideas


No shortage of biz opportunities for kids and teens with tech skills. 

There are endless possibilities for your girls to flex their tech muscles and start a business while they’re at it. So, what can innovative, entrepreneurial kids and teens do to make some dough in the digital age? Let’s explore some startup ideas and jobs perfect for kids and teens ready to take the tech world by storm.

3D Printer Shop Owner

 With a 3D printer, your girls can turn their ideas into tangible objects and sell customized items such as keychains, jewelry, or toys. They can also use their design skills to create unique products, which can be sold online or in-person to friends, family, and other customers. Your girls will learn about pricing, negotiation, and project management, as well as learn to work with clients to meet their 3D printing needs and requirements.


Social Media Manager

Are your girls pros at Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter? They can put those skills to use by becoming a social media manager for small business owners in need of someone to handle their social media accounts. Your girls will showcase their creativity and work on building an engaging online presence for their clients. Plus, they’ll stay updated on all the latest social media trends.

App Developer

Maybe your girls have imagined apps they wish were available, but they don’t exist yet. So why not encourage them to take the initiative and bring their idea to life? As young app developers, they possess a fresh outlook and innovative ideas that can potentially impact the tech industry. Whether they envision a gaming app, productivity tool, or social media platform, the market always has room for new and unique applications.


Website Designer

If your girl has a keen eye for design and enjoys working with code, then starting a web design agency could be the perfect business for her. With so many companies needing an online presence, there will always be a high demand for visually appealing and functional websites. Your girl can work on projects from simple one-page sites to complex e-commerce platforms.


Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, your girl gets to bring her ideas to life and create visuals that communicate a message. For example, she could work on designing logos, infographics, or social media graphics. Or, she could sell digital art on Etsy or any other online platform that best suits her needs.

YouTube Content Creator/Videographer 

With your guidance, your girl can start a channel about anything that interests her, from gaming to fashion to cooking. She could grow a dedicated following and earn money through advertising or sponsorships if she’s consistent, puts in the effort, and makes time for video editing.


Freelance Writer

If your girl has a way with words and loves writing, then becoming a freelance writer could be the ideal job for her. She could write articles, craft blog posts, or even work on creating content for businesses. With the rise of content marketing, there’s great demand for quality writing.


Virtual Assistant

Are your girls organized and great at multitasking? Virtual assistants help small-to-medium enterprises or busy entrepreneurs manage their day-to-day tasks. For example, your girls could help schedule appointments, manage emails, or handle different social media accounts. The bonus? Your girls can work from anywhere and manage their time with flexible hours.

Online Tutor

Becoming an online tutor is a lucrative opportunity for those with expertise in a particular subject or a desire to teach a specific skill. Your girls could work with younger kids and help them improve their grades or learn a new skill.

Podcast Host

Launch a podcast! Producing a podcast and landing a sponsorship deal can be a fantastic (and money-making) outlet for your girls looking to express their opinions and share their perspectives on various subjects. In addition, they can quickly start their podcast empire from home with just a few pieces of equipment, such as a microphone and recording software.


E-Commerce Shop Owner

Starting an e-commerce business has several benefits, including low overhead costs, flexibility, and the ability to operate from anywhere with an internet connection.

Plus, there are endless possibilities for making money online, from dropshipping and affiliate marketing to creating an online store. Just look at two of the girl bosses we know and admire, Katie and Hailey of Ooh La Lemon, who sell fruit-inspired gifts and fashion accessories on their online shop.


Whether it’s using a 3D printer, building a website, creating a mobile app, or starting an e-commerce business, your girls can use their tech skills to launch a venture that aligns with their passions and interests. Pursuing these jobs and business ideas can also help your girls develop critical skills such as problem-solving, creativity, and communication. And these skills can help them succeed in various fields in the tech industry and beyond.


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