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Make the most of summer break with these summer job ideas

It’s summertime! The perfect time for girls to start a business and build an entrepreneurial mindset. These summer business ideas give your girls opportunities to earn their own money, learn why it’s essential to respect the value of a dollar, and become more independent. Here’s our list of the best summer jobs and business ideas that are fun, flexible, and fulfilling.

Social Media Assistant

Many work-from-home business owners need help managing their social media content calendars. Your girl can be their assistant! She can plot out the content plan, source stock photos, help with the captions, and schedule posts. You can help your girl network with your favorite, local business owners and entrepreneurs to see if they would be willing to hire an assistant for the summer.


TikTok Expert/Editor

Does your tween or teen spend most of her free time on TikTok? This app can provide your girl with a business opportunity. She can share her TikTok expertise with startup founders who need to win the hearts of Gen Z consumers (also known as zoomers who are born between 1997 and 2012) with fun, on-trend video campaigns. She can offer her services as a consultant for trends and insights or as a TikTok video editor. She can charge by the hour or provide a project fee.


Yard Worker

Yard work is an easy summer job for kids and teens. It’s also a great way for your girl to sneak in some outdoor exercise and get vitamin D from the sun. But if she’s too young to handle a lawnmower, your girl can focus on raking leaves, removing weeds, and watering the lawn or garden.


House-sitter or Plant-sitter

When a family friend, close contact, or neighbor goes out of town, your girl can offer her services as a house-sitter or plant-sitter. She can pick up the mail, water all indoor plants, and check if the security alarms and cameras are functioning properly.


Theme Park Visit Buddy

Summertime is also the season of road trips to water parks and amusement parks. Sort of like a babysitter, your girl can tag along as a parent or guardian assistant and keep an eye on the young kids. She can also be a younger sibling’s buddy or partner if an older brother or sister wants to do something else in the park.


Pet Sitter

Summer vacations mean that pet owners need people to take care of their pets while they are away. If your girls are animal lovers, providing services for pet owners is the perfect side hustle. In addition to dog walking, pet sitting, or yard poop scooping, she can even make homemade doggie treats as an added revenue generator (there are plenty of recipes online, like these).


In-person or Virtual Tutor

Does your girl regularly score high in exams or have a particular musical skill or artistic talent? Or maybe she shows exceptional athleticism or knows computer languages and design programs. She can then tutor younger kids, international students, and even the young-at-heart, whether it’s building their confidence in math, playing a musical instrument, or learning a foreign language.


Jeweler or Crafter

Your girl can tap into her creative side and craft homemade items, jewelry, or accessories and sell these wares online. A platform like Etsy is a great online-selling option for your young girl entrepreneur and her summer business. Just remember to read the fine print since it’s a policy at Etsy for shops to be owned and managed by a parent or legal guardian.


Birthday Party Helper

A lot of details go into kids’ birthday parties, and your girl can help parents and guardians in your neighborhood plan a party that all kids will enjoy. She can assist in any area of preparation, such as decorating the venue, blowing up balloons, baking the cupcakes, designing and sending out the party invitations, and many more.


Party Photographer or Videographer

If party planning isn’t something your girl is interested in, she can still be part of the party crew and get paid as a photographer or videographer. All she needs is a smartphone, a good eye, and basic photo or video editing skills.



Did you know that girls as young as 11 can take a Red Cross babysitting course? It’s not free but the manual, as an introductory lesson, is readily available online. Once she’s certified, your girl can promote her babysitting business by reaching out to family friends or neighbors who need a babysitter from time to time. But if your girl isn’t old enough yet to stay home alone with younger children, she may find opportunities to help entertain kids for stay-at-home or work-from-home parents.


It feels incredible whenever kids and teens learn essential life lessons and skills while doing something they enjoy, right? Plus, a seasonal startup or summer job is a boredom-busting activity. It even has the potential to be profitable and be something that she’ll want to continue during the school year.

If you and your girl need more ideas and inspiration, we recommend these lists here and here. All the best to your girl in her entrepreneurial pursuits this summer!

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