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She’ll fall in love with entrepreneurship with these startup ideas for young girl entrepreneurs.

Valentine’s Day is an especially exciting time of the year for kids and teens to create handmade cards, colorful crafts, and other romantic gifts for family and friends. But what if your girls could turn their creative passions into profitable businesses? Read on to explore some Valentine’s Day jobs and businesses for kids and teens. Not only will your girls make extra money and have fun, but they’ll also gain valuable experience in running a business, managing finances, and developing customer service skills. And we know that these lessons will serve them well in the future!


Babysitting is one of the best ways young girl entrepreneurs can learn about leadership, time management, and responsibility. Your girl, if she’s 11 years old or older, can get certificate training on basic safety and childcare from the American Red Cross. Then, she can offer her babysitting services to parents of young kids who would like to enjoy a night out on Valentine’s Day.


Did you know that Americans purchase 58 million pounds of chocolate over the week of Valentine’s Day? Your girl can capitalize on this opportunity by becoming a chocolatier and selling her creations to chocolate lovers. To help her out, she can take her pick from these homemade Valentine’s Day chocolate recipes.


Florists do more than just pick flowers and stuff them in bouquets. They study the symbolic meanings behind each blossom and come up with creative arrangements and flower combinations. If your girl likes what florists do, she can purchase flowers and plants from wholesalers, start a home-based floral design shop, and resell flower arrangements to consumers for a profit. Best of all, bouquets are for all occasions, not just Valentine’s Day.

Handmade Goods Creator

Six-year-old Jade started Jade’s Beautiful Bows to sell colorful hair bows on Etsy, where many creative young girl entrepreneurs sell their handcrafted wares, and to motivate other children to learn about entrepreneurship at a young age. Your girl can follow in Jade’s footsteps and set up shop on Etsy to sell handmade crafts, from candles to cozy blankets to home decor, for Hearts Day.

Custom Gift Maker

Another popular Valentine’s Day gift is a personalized one. Does your girl have access to a 3D printer? Or, does she love to come up with trinkets made of photos and names? In that case, she can prepare custom-order gifts for people who appreciate giving and receiving one-of-a-kind presents. Here are some custom gift ideas to inspire your girl and her startup.

Tie-Dye Designer

Tie-dye, a DIY quarantine hobby for the past two years, continues to trend on social media in 2022. Your girl can do this fun project and sell tie-dyed T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, scarves, hats, sneakers, and the like for Valentine’s Day. Here’s a video tutorial on how to tie-dye a heart.

Hot Chocolate & Waffle Stand Owner

February is likely too cold for a lemonade stand. So, why not a hot chocolate and waffle bar in a safe and accessible area? Your girl can convince couples to drop by her stand and let them choose all the waffle toppings they desire. She can also sell hot chocolate sticks as takeaway gifts. Here’s an easy and yummy hot chocolate stick recipe.


Like flowers and chocolates, jewelry is a go-to Valentine’s Day gift. Your girl can design and craft staple gem pieces and sell them to gift givers. Best of all, jewelry is a year-round gift. Jewel School on YouTube has easy-to-follow jewelry-making content your girl can binge on.

Gift Box Curator

Curated gift boxes make shopping so much easier for gift senders. When your girl sources and puts together a collection of gift boxes for Valentine’s (or any occasion), she takes away the worrying and second-guessing buyers usually have. Customers can choose a box with the best contents that match the gift recipient’s personality, likes, and interests. Your girl could even collaborate with other kid or teen entrepreneurs and feature their products in the gift boxes.

Dessert Grazing Box/Charcuterie Board Maker

Another collaboration idea is a grazing box or charcuterie board. And this time, it’s all about the sweetest February 14th desserts. Your girl can work with bakers and put together charcuterie cravings that bring comfort and joy, whether the love between the sender and gift recipient is familial, platonic, or romantic.

Greeting Cards Designer

People like to exchange greeting cards on February 14th, and your girl can design these cards from scratch and print them. She could even provide digital downloads or Canva-made cards for convenience. For lessons on managing a greeting-card business, 15-year-old Sydney Weikart of Sydney Day Design offers marketing, social media, and small business management courses on her website. During the pandemic, Sydney grew her stationery business and has since achieved more than $10,000 in sales.

Greeting Cards Writer

A lot of people need help putting their feelings into words. Your girl can pen Valentine’s Day messages and charge by the word. She can also craft copy for other greeting cards, from birthdays to anniversaries, so she can work beyond Valentine’s Day.


More often than not, couples and families who have big plans for Valentine’s Day need pictures for their Instagram feed. Your girl can offer her services as a photographer and capture the moment for them. She can also book indoor or outdoor portrait sessions and offer photo-editing services for extra income.

Plushie Maker

Unlike chocolates and flowers, stuffed toys or plushies don’t have a sell-by date. They also make for adorable and durable Valentine’s Day gifts. The girl CEOs behind stuffed animal businesses, Lyla Tov Monsters, Wild and Wacky Pets, and Stitches by Charlotte, are inspiring role models your girl can follow on social media.

Two Bonus Ideas:

Crafts Instructor

Do you have creative, crafty girls? They can host crafting classes and teach other kids, teens, and even adults how to make their own Valentine’s Day cards, crafts, and treats. These crafting classes can also be sewing workshops if your girls love to sew as much as Sara Robinson of Sara Sews, who we profiled in our first book.


Serenade Singer

Serenading someone special is a common activity during Valentine’s Day. Girls who love to sing can provide on-demand serenades to different customers. Or, your girls and their fellow singer-friends can do this startup together. They can tweak their business for other holidays, too.

These Valentine’s Day jobs and business ideas for kids and teens are packed with love, inspiration, and creativity! Your girls can take a cue from Cupid and start a business doing something they love. A business plan can teach your girl what it takes to get her business off the ground and make this year’s Valentine’s Day the best one yet! With the right resources, guidance, and dedication, we’re sure your girls will enjoy launching a Valentine’s Day business and making it successful.

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