Raising Entrepreneurial Girls


Anything is possible when a girl dreams big

Dream big. It’s a bold and empowering way to usher in the new year and kick-start a new decade. Lots of entrepreneurs consider big dreams as valuable resources for their businesses. But of course, dreaming big is not just reserved for would-be startup owners. Regardless of your girl’s future path, big dreams can fuel her passion and purpose in life. Best of all, dreams are free!

Here’s how you can encourage your girl to shoot for the stars:

  1. Nurture her curiosity. Show genuine enthusiasm and appreciation for her inquisitive mind. The more curious she is, the more she learns and shows an interest in the world around her. Being curious also allows her to come up with different solutions when faced with a problem, one of the characteristics of a budding young entrepreneur.
  2. Spark her imagination and creativity. Let role models, entrepreneurs, authors, artists, musicians, scientists, and girlpreneurs(!) inspire her. Inspiration stimulates creative thinking, innovative ideas, and of course, big dreams!
  3. Let her find her voice. Expose her to as many different opportunities as possible, and let her decide what interests her. Participating in something that excites her will empower her to become more self-assured and boost her confidence.
  4. Recommend a journal. A diary (paper or digital) is a powerful tool that encourages your girl to organize her thoughts, document her daydreams, and envision a future she wants. And a journal can also motivate your girl to act on her dreams as she re-reads her notes.
  5. Share your dream, too. Dreamers come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. If you have a dream (or two!), feel free to share it with your girl. You can start a brainstorming session with your contribution and make ‘dreaming big’ a team effort.
  6. Help her step out of her comfort zone. Tory Burch, a successful entrepreneur and fashion designer, once said: “If it doesn’t scare you, you’re probably not dreaming big enough.” Self-doubt and fear can, unfortunately, keep any girl from going after her dream. But outside her comfort zone is where your girl can make sense of life’s ups and downs and learn from mistakes and failed attempts. Encourage your girl to try something that scares her each week.

There are no limits to how big your girl can dream, especially with your guidance and support. Take the time to ask about her dreams for 2020 and the next decade and encourage her to keep dreaming big!


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