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Sure-hit side hustles for musically gifted kids and teens.

Are your girls music buffs? They can take their love for music to the next level by mixing it with business. The best businesses for kids are those based on what they already love to do. Running a business based on something they are passionate about will make the work seem less like work and will help them through the inevitable rough patches. Your musicians can tap into their musical training, talent, and skills and become young musician entrepreneurs. Here are 7 music-related jobs and business ideas.


Let your girls channel their music passion as DJs. With the right DJ music software, your girls can start by DJing at their friends’ or your parties to gain some experience. Then, they can send their playlists and proposals to party planners and event organizers. Your girls’ schools might even need a DJ for prom or homecoming.

Music Journalist/Reporter/Vlogger

There’s always a market for music news and reviews. If your girls like to write or talk about music, they can launch their own website and monetize it with Google AdSense ads. Another idea is to start a Podcast or a social media channel, like YouTube, dedicated to the topic. Here’s a guide on how your girls can make money with their Podcast.

Voice Coach

Maybe your girls sing. So, why not share their gift with the world by coaching others? They can work with kids who hope to become professional singers someday or anyone who simply enjoys singing. And thanks to technology, your girls could even remotely coach aspiring singers anywhere in the world.

Original Music Composer

Encourage your girls to explore the behind-the-scenes side of music as composers. For example, they can work with social media influencers who pay for original music. Or, they can produce music for indie video games or mobile apps. We recommend that you and your girls research intellectual property and music copyright protection laws.


There’s more to music than performing or playing an instrument. Your girls can write songs! They can start by writing songs to give as gifts for friends’ birthdays or special occasions or achievements. Then, they could sell their works to local companies looking for a catchy jingle, as custom gifts, or even local theater groups looking for a special soundtrack.

Stage Production Musical Director

Speaking of local theater groups, your girls can tap into their musicality and oversee stage productions as musical directors. Responsibilities include supervision of the audition process, assessment of the vocal abilities of each performer, and selection of musical arrangements and compositions. Your girls will also have to attend rehearsals and lead vocal warm-ups with the singers before every performance.

Private Music Teacher

If your girls have a specific musical talent or instrument, they can teach or tutor younger kids as after-school music teachers. They can share their knowledge and help other musicians master their craft. Plus, the one-on-one attention allows your girls to focus on the musical needs of each student.


With your encouragement, you can expand your girls’ musical horizons and affirm the possibilities of their creative skills. We also have other fun business ideas for kids and teens. Browse our blog for more inspiration.



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