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The best kind of work (after homework) that can nurture entrepreneurship in your school-age girl.

School’s back in session! Your girl’s off learning from her teachers, studying for exams, reconnecting with peers, and doing lots of homework. But what about after the assignments are done? If she has time to spare, how about starting to develop that entrepreneurial mindset and earning some money at the same time? Here are some great after-school startup ideas that spark the entrepreneurial spirit within.

    Take Care of Pets

Pet sitting and dog walking businesses are among the easiest to start. As long as she has a genuine love of animals, all it takes is some free time and a little marketing to find her first client. She can start with close friends and family to prove her talents and then build her customer base with testimonials from previous clients. If she also has a knack for handcrafted stuff, then she can expand her startup by making and selling custom collars or water dishes, or even pet treats! Check out Madison’s business Tons of Treats!


Tutor Kids and Peers

Is your girl a computer, science, or math whiz? Or maybe she’s a voracious reader who’s also a wordsmith. Your girl can provide tutoring services to younger students and classmates for the school subjects she excels at. She can even act as a positive role model for kids and motivate them to work harder at the subjects they find challenging.


Bake and Sell Goodies

The internet makes it easy for young girls and teens to learn how to bake anything from simple cookies to complicated cakes. Your girl can start small with a few batches and do a bit of advertising to get the word out about her products. She can sell her wares at the community center or in school, if it’s allowed. Maybe even set up an e-commerce shop or sell via social media! She’ll gain useful knowledge on cost management, marketing, finance, operations, and so much more. Check out Adelle’s Creperie!



Crafty Crafting

If baking’s not her thing, she can swap the sweets for handcrafted jewelry or other homemade products like soaps and candles. There are lots of online resources to guide her. A DIY makeup and skincare line is also a great business idea. Your girl can take her cue from Zandra Cunningham of Zandra Beauty who’s doing an amazing job promoting her business on Instagram. If your girl likes to sew, then she can turn this hobby of hers into a thriving startup. Read all about last year’s The Startup Squad contest winner, Sara Robinson of Sara Sews, here. Her incredible journey as a talented and entrepreneurial seamstress is worth sharing!

Capitalize on Creativity

Speaking of hobbies, your girl can turn them into paid gigs. There’s always a market for what may come naturally to her, such as singing, drawing, writing, or taking IG-worthy pictures. As long as she has a passion for her talents and abilities, she’ll be able to start a business. You can guide her on the pitfalls of creative burnout and the importance of balance between schoolwork and the demands of a young creative entrepreneur. For inspiration, read our feature on these three talented teen entrepreneurs who have turned their passions into money-making ventures.


Help other Households

It’s always nice to help neighbors in need, especially busy, working parents who don’t have much time or energy for everyday chores. Your girl can channel her inner Marie Kondo and help other families organize their garage or kitchen pantry and run simple errands. As a household helper or assistant, your girl will be able to develop her entrepreneurial traits such as resourcefulness and initiative.


Plan Parties and Events

Being a party planner is one of the most fun after-school professions that your girl can take on. Planning parties and events for people will empower your girl to think creatively and on her feet. She can start building her portfolio with birthday parties. She can up the ante by organizing your community’s block parties, helping out in bazaars, and arranging the logistics for farmers’ markets and the like.


Care for Children

Childcare is a serious endeavor for mature and responsible teen entrepreneurs. If your girl loves kids and is up for the challenge as a babysitter, then you can encourage her to get certified in CPR and first aid through the American Red Cross. There are also online babysitting classes that offer certifications in childcare. After her training, your girl can post about her babysitting services on social media and reach out to neighbors, families, and friends.  She can even start a babysitting service business like Noa!


Ask your girl if any of these after-school startups speak to her. Brainstorm together and let her know that she can count on you for guidance and support. The lessons she’ll learn from running a business will stick with her and give her firsthand experience as a girl boss, even if she pursues different interests in the future.

For more inspiration, check out the girl CEOs in our second Girls Mean Business contest. They’ve entered for a chance to be profiled in our next book, which comes out May 5, 2020!


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