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Empower your girlpreneur to start a business from home while self-isolating

These are tough times for so many across the country. Our first thoughts are for everyone’s health and safety. If your girl is bouncing off of the walls at home and you are looking for an empowering activity for her, the internet makes it easier than ever for kids to operate a business from home. It can be a valuable way for her to spend some self-isolating time. No matter what her age! All your girl needs is an idea and some encouragement from you. Take a look at these in-demand, home-based businesses that can nurture your girl’s inner entrepreneur.

  1. Online Tutoring – If your girl has skills, she can build a business around her expertise and teach others online. There’s no limit to what your girl can teach remotely, as long as she’s passionate about what she’s teaching. Online tutoring for school subjects, video games, chess, graphic design, or music lessons are really popular nowadays. And there are lots of video communication platforms to choose from. Just research and pick the safest one for video chats.
  2. Selling items for neighbors on eBay – Help others declutter and spring clean! This is a touchless business idea that can provide a service to others in your community. Your young entrepreneur just requests a photo of the item for sale from your neighbor or family friend, creates the eBay listing, and arranges the sale for a commission. The seller handles the packaging and shipping so your girl never has to leave the house!
  3. Creating content for YouTube – YouTube is one of the most creative ways a budding girlpreneur can share her talents with the world–and make money on the side. Your girl can set up her very own YouTube channel and get started on instructional videos that showcase her talents and skills. She can produce content that ranges from DIY slime or video game hacks, to arts and crafts like friendship bracelets and other accessories. She can check out other girl bosses for inspiration! Sakinah Bates of #UNROOT Doll Hair Day Spa runs hair spa events for young girls and their dolls. For now, she has taken her business virtually and shares doll hair care tips and styling tricks via Instagram Live. Kemery Oparah of Kemery Kreates loves all things Japanese! She recently launched her YouTube channel to teach kids how to speak Japanese.
  4. Designing and selling T-shirts – Have a T-shirt designer in your midst? Let your girl create fresh designs or come up with witty T-shirt sayings to her heart’s content. You can sign her up with Zazzle or Cafepress to handle the online store set-up, produce the shirts, and ship the products with no hassle to your budding entrepreneur. As always, read the fine print before deciding on the storefront.
  5. Starting an online art business – If your creative girlpreneur has a knack for calligraphy, drawing, or painting, then she can turn her art hobby into a legit business. She can set up shop on Etsy or come up with her own online art website like 14-year-old Sydney of Sydney Day Design, who designs handmade stationery and provides custom calligraphy services. For shipping any sold artwork, best to avoid the post office for now and leave it in your mailbox for carrier pickup if possible. Check out the USPS website for instructions and the complete list of items that can be mailed from your house.
  6. Doing voiceover work – Auditioning for voiceover work is easy nowadays, thanks to the internet. With some basic recording gear, your girl can use her voice and acting chops to bring any character to life. Many online voice-casting websites are on the lookout for the next voice actor star, just like young girl entrepreneur Arianna Fox. Arianna is a motivational speaker and professional voiceover actress who has done several online commercial ads, web series episodes, and professional commercials.
  7. Writing and self-publishing – What do young entrepreneurs Emma Sumner, Isla Nolan, and Allie Stack have in common? They’re all published writers! They’ve written children’s books, and a newsletter, respectively. Think your girl would be interested in giving writing and self-publishing a try? Aside from online sales, an e-book or e-zine can bring in revenues from affiliate marketing, advertisements, and advertorials.
  8. Taking photos for stock photo websites – If your girl enjoys photography, then selling stock photography is a good business option for her. You can help her find the right stock photo website that suits her photography style. Just remember that some sites require photo exclusivity, and they all come with different pay rates and photo guidelines.

Does your girlpreneur have an idea for a post-pandemic business? She can start building her audience and reputation now on YouTube or social media to give her new business a boost later. Does she want to launch a cookie business in the fall? She can share cooking lessons and tips now to build her following until she’s ready to launch her business.

Brainstorm with your girl and encourage her to adapt these ideas or come up with her own list that suits her interests and talents. Remind her that she has the power to dream big. Even while self-isolating and staying at home, she can create the building blocks for an empowering business opportunity. We believe in her!

Stay safe everyone!

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