Raising Entrepreneurial Girls


Ways that kids and teens can give back as entrepreneurs.

Kids and teens today have a lot of potential to make a difference in the world including giving back as a young philanthropic entrepreneur. With access to information and “how to start a business” resources, your budding girl entrepreneur can use her business for good and create a lasting impact on your community and beyond. Here’s a list of jobs and startups that can inspire kids and teens to use their hard-earned income to pay it forward.

Social Media Manager/Finance Guru

Are your girls social media mavens or finance wizards? If so, pro-bono help for a small neighborhood business is the gift that keeps on giving. Your girls might even stumble upon their next big business or investment opportunity!

A Non-profit Organization Founder

Your girls can start a non-profit organization to address an issue they’re passionate about. They can raise funds through donations, events, and grants to support their cause. Or, they can channel their creativity just like young girl boss Sasha of The Sasha Project LA. Sasha, who has had cerebral palsy since birth, considers art her go-to therapy. Through her non-profit organization, The Sasha Project LA, she raises money with sales of her custom-painted apparel and accessories for the art therapy program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA). You and your girls can shop to support Sasha’s cause here. Another charity your girls can check out for inspiration is Chelsea’s Charity. Kid boss Chelsea Phaire gives away free art kits to underprivileged kids and teens, allowing them to express themselves artistically and navigate their emotions with creativity.


Bakers are usually known to have a sweet tooth, but they can also have a heart of gold. The best example is teen entrepreneur Simone Bridges, the award-winning chef of Goddess Food Factory, who we profiled in our third book, The Startup Squad: Party Problems. Besides baking and selling subscription boxes that help kids and teens fall in love with the science of baking, Simone empowers kids and teens to become STREAM entrepreneurs through her non-profit organization, Simone Bridges Inspires, Inc.

Pet-sitter/Dog Walker

Your girls can offer their services to busy parents who need someone to look after their pets or walk their fur babies. This can be a great way to earn money while helping cats, dogs, and animals stuck in shelters. And animal lover and kid entrepreneur Violet, who owns CardsCafebyViolet that comes with a “caring” tagline, Cute cards by a kid that cares, helps animals by donating a dollar from every sale of her handmade cards to her local animal shelter.

Stuffed Toy or Plushie Maker

Drawing on her experience of the fear and anxiety of surgeries, Charlotte, the girl boss behind Stitches by Charlotte designed the first-ever surgery companion doll collection for kids. In addition, she donates some of the proceeds from every doll purchase to cleft lip and cleft palate charities. So if your girls know how to sew, they can follow in Charlotte’s footsteps and donate a portion of the profits of their handiwork to a charity of their choice.

Event Organizer

Your girls can start an events business and organize monthly or quarterly neighborhood clean-up events to pick up litter and beautify their community. They can request donations and tap local companies to sponsor garbage bags, gloves, tools, and even food for the volunteers.

Lemonade Stand Boss

Always a classic, your girls can start and operate a lemonade stand in your neighborhood and donate a portion of their profits to a charity they choose. Besides learning the basics of entrepreneurship, donating a part of their earnings to a charity adds more significance to their business endeavor. This teaches them the value of giving back to the community and helping those in need. It also helps instill a sense of responsibility and empathy in your girls, which are personal and professional success traits.

Online Platform or Mobile App Creator

How about a platform or app that promotes and organizes local community service projects? This platform could allow users to create profiles, connect with other volunteers, and post about upcoming volunteering opportunities. It could also feature tools for organizing and coordinating volunteer efforts, such as sign-up sheets, event calendars, and messaging capabilities. By creating a platform that makes it easier for fellow kids and teens to get involved in community service, your girls’ startup could have a meaningful impact on local communities and inspire a new generation of socially responsible millennials and Gen-Zs. A bonus? Your girls can generate revenue by partnering with local businesses and organizations for targeted user advertising.


These are just a few jobs and startups for kids and teens passionate about helping others and making a difference in society. Whichever empire-building approach your girls choose, it’s important to remind them that even small actions can make a big difference. By making a positive impact through entrepreneurship, your girls can inspire others to do the same and create a better world.

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