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Your budding girlpreneur can make the most of her holiday season downtime by launching a business from home.

Winter break is one of the best times for your girl to start her business. Why? Well, besides time off from busy school and after-school-activity schedules, the holiday season usually puts people in a spending mood. Perfect for the winter months (and beyond), these 11 jobs and startup ideas bust winter break boredom and inspire your girl to connect with her inner entrepreneur.

 Video Editing

Videos are not just for YouTubers and extroverts who aren’t camera-shy. Your girl can go behind the scenes and build her own video production business. She can tap the market of newbie YouTube personalities, small companies, or entrepreneurs. There’s a growing demand for video editors who can come up with amazing videos that attract clicks and increase traffic. Brooklyn-based Cinema Kidz offers virtual lessons on video editing, filmmaking, and cinematography. Wondershare Filmora also shares video editing tips and resources online.

 Flipping Sneakers (or anything!)

Buy low, sell high. That’s the name of the game when it comes to flipping sneakers. Your girl can scour the Internet or check out eBay and bid on a pair of sneakers she plans to resell. Popular sneaker brands and limited edition products usually have good profit margins, even after shipping and platform fees. If sneakers aren’t her game, the same opportunities exist for almost any product you can buy and sell. Reselling also teaches your girl about the law of supply and demand, inventory, customer service, and how to deal with fakes. Udemy teaches the basics of reselling with one of their online courses.

 Custom Painting 

Is your girl an artist? She can hand-paint custom monograms and designs on bags, shoes, and cell phone cases. She can set up shop on Etsy, take after these artistic entrepreneurs, and deal with customers who crave the personal touch to their beloved accessories.

 Knitting Dolls

Your girl can learn Amigurumi, the Japanese art of crocheting, and knit personalized stuffed dolls for people and animals. She can join a Facebook group of Amigurumi fans and offer her services there or on Etsy, just like these Amigurumi entrepreneurs.

 Coding Games and Animations

Scratch, a free online coding platform that’s safe for kids, allows coders and animators to design their own video games and interactive stories. Your girl can do custom projects for clients or be like 7-year-old Annabelle of Stop and Love. She creates personalized stop motion greeting cards and advertisements for brands.

 Curating Gift Baskets

During the winter break, many people love to get creative with their presents but don’t have the time and energy to make an effort. Your girl can go beyond gift wrapping for friends, family, and neighbors by curating gift baskets for people everywhere. She needs an eye for good design and marketing know-how. Plus, a user-friendly website with online payment and convenient shipping options. Once the holidays are over, your girl can shift her business to goody bags and party favor bags. Here’s a great how-to reference for a gift basket business, from startup costs to operations, so your girl can start strong.

 Pet Sitting

The holidays are usually stressful for a lot of pet parents. Before finalizing any travel plans, they have to find a safe and suitable home for their pets. Your girl can ask friends, family, or neighbors if they’re on the lookout for a pet-sitter. And if people are staying home, she can offer to take care of their pets while they enjoy a staycation!

Teaching Virtually or In-person

If your girl likes kids and is patient with them, she can tutor them and teach them any topic or skill she’s good at. There’s no limit to what your girl can teach, as long as she’s passionate about what she’s teaching. Online tutoring for school subjects, video games, chess, graphic design, or music lessons are really popular nowadays.

Wrapping Gifts

 Similar to one of our Thanksgiving post business ideas, wrapping gifts is a business service your girl can provide busy people during the winter break. If you live near an area where people do their shopping, your girl can also set up shop there and offer to gift wrap purchases for customers. Of course, you and your girl should check for permits before setting up a temporary gift-wrapping stand in any shopping area and make sure she is supervised at all times.

 Writing and Designing Greeting Cards

 People usually buy greeting cards and attach these to gifts. If she has a flair for writing and drawing, your girl can design and print witty and inspirational greeting cards for people to buy. What’s also great about greeting cards is that they can be used for different occasions, from birthdays to wedding anniversaries. So, your girl’s startup can be more than a one-season business.

 Running Errands for Seniors

 Winter can be a challenging time for seniors; harsh conditions and cold temperatures make it difficult to pick up basic needs and household essentials. This is where your girl could come in as an errand service provider for these folks. Best of all, once she’s built and kept a loyal client base, she can continue to provide her services as an errand runner in other seasons as well.

Need more recommendations for winter-break startup ideas? Here are other ways your girl can make money this season with our list here. She can also review our online gallery of girl bosses and see what they’re up to. Plus, they share the lessons they learned from the mistakes they made. And how their startup experiences motivated them to keep moving forward with their entrepreneurial dreams.



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    Incredible ideas

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    - March 4, 2023 at 6:19 am Reply

    This list has amazing ideas I just want you to know that I can’t find any kid jobs. I love these ideas

    • Brian Weisfeld

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      Thanks! We hope your kid finds their perfect job!

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