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Sports can be a big business for kids and teens.

Launching a sports-related business or finding a sports-related job is the perfect opportunity for sporty kids and teens to do what they love and get paid to do it. Plus, they stay active, gain more athletic experience, and positively impact the lives of younger kids. So, share our list of ideas with your girls. And encourage her to come up with her own ideas, too!

Assistant Coach, Junior Referee, or Umpire

Depending on her age, plus her experience and know-how of her preferred sport, your girls can land assistant coach, referee, or umpire jobs. Girls between 12 and 17 must take referee training courses and get certified to be a referee. Assistant coaching usually involves tryouts, and umpire candidates must complete short training programs. Ask your local sports league (basketball, soccer, football, baseball, etc.) for the complete set of rules and requirements.

Baker or Chef

While not exactly a “sporty” job or business, if your athletic girls love to bake or cook, too, they can create healthy, easy-to-eat, protein-packed snacks for athletes to munch on after practice sessions or competitions. Or energy-packed sports drinks, too!

Personal Trainer or Coach

Like a private tutor, a personal trainer or coach provides fellow athletes specialized training in their sport. For example, your girls can help athletes make sense of their team coach’s game plan or what they need to improve on to achieve goals faster.

Lifeguard/Swim Coach

Have teen girls who love to swim and are certified as a lifeguard? They can give swimming lessons to kids and pre-teens in your neighborhood. She They can also clock-in lifeguard shifts in the community pool or launch a pool cleaning service for households with pools.

After-school Neighborhood Camp Counselor

Your sporty teens can enlist their teammates to form an after-school sports camp together. They can promote their sports expertise and invite young kids in the area to join. This is a fun way for your girls and her fellow teen entrepreneurs to earn cash, gain mentoring skills, and appreciate entrepreneurship and its life lessons. As always, refer to your county or state rules on after-school programs. Another less time consuming option is for your girls to join a local organization as sports and activities counselors.

Repair Shop Owner

There are plenty of online tutorials on how to repair sports equipment, bikes, boards, and the like. Avid cyclists or amateur skaters can set up repair shops or even accept hand-me-downs or buy broken equipment, fix them, and re-sell them for a profit.

Sports Uniform Maker

Lots of young athletes and martial arts students need uniforms. How about a business sewing uniforms for Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Karate, or Taekwondo trainees? Or pitching junior sports teams to take your girls on as their uniform suppliers? Or maybe even design and create a swimwear line for beach-goers, surfers, and swim athletes! Competitive swimmers Niki Vilas Boas and Becca Segal of Wotter did exactly that. They started making their made-for-girls, made-by-girls swim parkas when they were 15.


Sports Equipment Maker/Designer

Rachel Zietz, CEO & Founder of Gladiator Lacrosse, launched her lacrosse equipment manufacturing startup when she was 13 years old. To this day, her company makes high-quality yet affordable lacrosse equipment and accessories that don’t fall apart after each rigorous lacrosse practice. Your girls can follow in Rachel’s footsteps by spotting what’s missing in the market and developing better training tools for the sports they enjoy.

Stadium or Field Grounds Crew

Your girls can work in the venue of their fave sport. They can apply for an after-school or weekend job for field, court, or stadium maintenance. Responsibilities will likely include cleaning chairs and common areas, mowing the field, or keeping the grounds free from litter. Another option is to run a concession stand at various sporting events. This will also help your girls improve their customer service skills!


Enjoyed reading this list? We have plenty more ideas and recommendations that can help you raise your entrepreneurial girls. Check out our post about the best businesses for crafty kids to turn their artistic passions into profits.

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  • Ella W

    - October 1, 2022 at 2:24 am Reply

    Business idea for kids seems a bit off at first, however, after reading this post my perception has really changed. My child really hyperactive and love sports. and he is really great at swimming. I could really use this idea. This could also help him gain knowledge about business and how to manage cash. Thank you for the blog.

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