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Top jobs for after school and on weekends

A new school year is here! Before school life gets too hectic (or is it already too late??), now is a great time to talk to your girls about if and how she wants to start a business this school year. You can help her imagine the different fun, money-earning possibilities of after-school jobs and businesses. These businesses are flexible (your girl manages her own time) and teach her real-world skills that will help her in the future (such as developing her sales, marketing, and customer service skills). Here are some popular jobs and business ideas your girl can add to her back-to-school routine.

  1. Dog Walker – As kids return to school, their pets are going to be lonely and need some attention. Your girl can save the day as their dedicated dog walker. She just has to commit to a daily or weekly schedule and work out the number of dogs she can manage.
  2. Private Tutor – Does she have a favorite subject or two in school? She can offer tutoring services to younger (or older) kids who struggle with that subject.
  3. Junior Referee – Some schools and sports clubs are always on the lookout for entry-level or junior referees. If your girl is into sports, she can try her luck as a paid referee and officiate sports like soccer, baseball, and flag football.
  4. Bicycle Advertiser – Does she love to cycle to and from school and around your neighborhood? Then, her bike can be her biz! She can turn her two-wheeler into a mini-moving billboard and promote businesses on her commute.
  5. Sticker Designer – Artistic kids can start a sticker business by designing and printing school-themed stickers, from class-specific memes to school mottos or mascot designs. She can take an online class on how to start her biz and the best equipment and materials to source. Classmates can proudly show off the stickers they bought from your girl by placing them on books, notebooks, and other school accessories.
  6. Accessory Designer – Your girl can help spruce her classmates’ bags and school outfits with handmade trinkets, jewelry, and accessories. It’s up to your girl if she wants to knit or crochet accessories or buy parts to make a complete jewelry set and sell these wares to her schoolmates.
  7. Candy or Chocolate Maker – Let your girl experiment with candy and chocolate! She can then sell her candy and chocolate treats to parents who need school snacks for their kids and people who need them for special occasions. For inspiration, your girl can get to know Kiki, Chief Candy Officer of Birthday Bars, who designs and makes eye-catching candy bars that taste and look great.
  8. Babysitter – Parents’ and kids’ schedules might not always match up. If your girl likes spending time with kids and taking care of them, she can get in touch with parents or guardians who need someone to look after their kids until they get home from the office or when they need a break.
  9. Party Stylist or Party Entertainer – Your girl can get into the birthday party or event planning business and charge customers for her services: Party backdrop decorator, balloon artist, juggler, magician, party coordinator assistant, or party host.

If none of these jobs or startup ideas excite your budding girl entrepreneur, you and your girl can check out our other lists here and here. She can also try a business for a while and see if it’s something she’d like to do for the rest of the school year or switch to something new. If she needs more resources, she can grab business planning tips from our Startup Roadmap and find entrepreneurial role models on our site.

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