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No tricks, just spooktacular business ideas to get your girl into the Halloween spirit.

Halloween is just around the corner! And it’s the best time of the year for kids (plus adults!) who love to dress up, free candy, and playing “Monster Mash” nonstop. So, if your girl loves celebrating Halloween, then she can make the most of this holiday by starting and running a business that focuses on its time-honored traditions. Between the trick-or-treating and jack-o-lanterns’ carving, Halloween offers kids so many entrepreneurial opportunities to explore. We have some ideas below.


Decorator Helper – An elaborate window or yard display is sure to put every passerby in the Halloween mood. Neighbors and family friends can hire your budding girlpreneur as their decor stylist or helper. Your girl can dress up porches, yards, doors, and windows with creative Halloween decorations and spooky accessories.

Party Planner or Party Assistant – Every Halloween party needs proper planning. Your girl can advertise her services as a Party Planner or Assistant to neighbors and community members. She can brush up on her Halloween trivia and act as the party’s ghostess with the mostess to wow party guests. She can also charge extra for designing greeting cards and printing party invitations.

Mocktail Brewer – Your girl’s lemonade stand can double as a spooky Halloween drink stand. Your girl can swap lemonade drinks for mocktails, like this Purple Potion Punch recipe, and give her stand a frightful makeover with black paint. She can also set up shop inside a Halloween bash and just charge the party host a set fee for the night, so guests don’t have to pay for the drinks. Here’s another tip: If your girl knows how to do latte art, then she can add milky, frothy Halloween art to her pumpkin spice latte or indulgent hot cocoa businesses.

Pumpkin Carver – Carving pumpkins is one of the most fun Halloween activities people look forward to. Your girl can go beyond the classic toothy grin and triangle nose design and sell beautifully decorated jack-o-lanterns. If she’s too young to use a sharp X-Acto knife, she can design her pumpkins with black markers and art materials.

Cookie & Cookie Kit Maker – If baking is her thing, your girl can sell homemade cookies to parents and homeowners. She can check out Delish’s easy-to-make ghost and monster cookies for inspiration. She can also create and sell DIY Cookie Kits that kids will surely enjoy decorating and eating!

Pet-friendly Treats Maker – Confections and candies that are safe for pets? Sure! Why not? Your girl can whip up a batch and sell these to households that plan to hand out pet-safe treats to animals in adorable and unique Halloween costumes. Here are 15 recipes to choose from.

Custom Costume Maker – Speaking of costumes, we all know that Halloween wouldn’t be complete without them. Does your girl like to design and make something from scratch with her sewing machine? We’re confident that she can land clients who want their costumes different from what most big-box retailers or online sites offer. Pet owners and parents of young kids are possible customers, too.

Face Painter, Makeup Artist, or Hairstylist – Your girl’s passion for makeup and hair products can land her a scary-good gig as a face painter, makeup artist, or hairstylist for Halloween-inspired looks. Your girl just has to manage her time well to book as many clients as she can handle on October 31. This is also a great way for her to launch her face-painting and styling services businesses!

Cleaning Service Provider – Halloween parties need to be cleaned up the day after. Decorations need to be taken down too. Who can help? Your girl! She can provide a cleaning service to tired, partied-out homeowners and take out the trash for them. She can also tidy up and segregate Halloween items that can be re-used for next year’s festivities.


And there you have it! Our recommended list of kid-appropriate jobs and businesses for Halloween. We leave it to you and your girl to innovate and add something creative to each idea above. And we’re pretty sure your girl knows how to tweak the list to accommodate other seasons and holidays, just like these other business ideas for kids and teens you can find here and here. If your girl boss needs guidance, our ultimate business plan can help her with her startup.

Happy Halloween!

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