The Startup Squad

The Startup Squad empowers girls to realize their potential and follow their dreams, whatever their passions

We believe that entrepreneurship can help girls develop important life skills, be all they can be, and chase their dreams with confidence and conviction. Whether she’s opening her first lemonade stand or launching her business on Shark Tank, we encourage each and every girl to embrace her unique gifts, believe in her abilities, and break the proverbial glass ceiling – because Girls Mean Business.

The Startup Squad book series from Macmillan Publishers is available in bookstores across the nation. Watch for other news and products coming soon.

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A Note from Brian Weisfeld, founder of The Startup Squad

I’ve been lucky to have had a rewarding career. I’ve helped build some world-class brands and companies, including IMAX and, and in the process created hundreds of jobs. But it was spending time with my two daughters that inspired my latest efforts, which I consider my most important work to date.

When my oldest daughter was 8 years old, she struggled to sell Girl Scout cookies, and then fumbled around trying to run a charity bake sale with a friend. She was incredibly enthusiastic! But she didn’t know what to do while she stood at the end of our driveway, surrounded by delicious baked goods.

A few months later, while reading books with my girls, I got frustrated with the lack of empowering influences marketed to girls.

That’s when the proverbial light bulb went off in my brain. Those two events came together in one significant moment, and I decided to create a brand for girls that would inspire and nurture their entrepreneurial spirit.

Because not every girl wants to be a princess. Some want to run the castle. Design the moat. Or break the glass slipper and open a company with better footwear.

And so, The Startup Squad was born.

Let me be clear: We’re not just about creating the next generation of female entrepreneurs (although that would be amazing, too!). The Startup Squad is about empowering girls with an entrepreneurial mindset so they can realize their potential, whatever their passions. About helping them become more than they can imagine by exploring entrepreneurship at an early age. About teaching them basic business skills. And about helping them learn grit, a growth mindset, and how to fail, and then start again. And again.

The first books in The Startup Squad series have been released by Macmillan Publishers. But there’s so much more to come in addition to the books. Check in often for updates and stories about young girls and successful women who’ve created businesses that are changing the world and improving their lives as well as the lives of the people around them.

We’re all about girl power here! Hopefully you and your girls will feel inspired and empowered by the stories, messages, and advice we share. Then, maybe someday, your girls will be the role models for the generation that follows.


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Brian did a TEDx where he shared his journey to create The Startup Squad and all the twists and turns along the way. Watch how he was able to kindle his inspiration into a book series and learn how you can kindle your inspiration into something that just might change the world.

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