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The Startup Squad is Being Released Today!

Nearly five years ago, I was inspired as I watched as my older daughter attempt to sell Girl Scout cookies. Today, The Startup Squad is released!


Set the foundation for your daughter's success by teaching her to be more independent

Three Talented, Creative Girlpreneurs

Three creative entrepreneurs who are inspiring other young creatives to follow their dreams.

The Startup Squad + Girls Inc. of NYC = 100inspiring100 to Empower Underserved Girls

Announcing 100inspiring100: Our campaign with Girls Inc. of NYC to give books to underserved girls and help to change their story.

Five Ways to Spread More Love Through Entrepreneurship

If your daughter is passionate about a cause, check out our tips to start a social impact business.

It’s Cookie Time! Here are 5 Ways to Support Your Little Salesgirl

5 tips for cookie selling season to help her learn important life lessons and create memories that’ll last a lifetime.

8 Ways for Kids to Make Money During Winter Break

Winter break spells “opportunity”—for your kids to either spend some extra cash or make some.

6 Ways to Set Your Daughter Up for Success

Want to set your daughter up for success? Here are six things you can do (and the studies to back it up).

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