Books We Love, Let’s Get Down to Business with Girl CEOs


These young female authors mean business!

Did you know some of our extraordinary Girl CEOs are young female authors, too? We’re so proud of their accomplishments and creative entrepreneurship! They’ve written stories that kids and teens can respond to and identify with. Check out the books below and follow the links to add these titles to your home library.

Books by Rossy by Rosemary Nwaosuagwu

Recommended for ages 1-6. Babies and toddlers can learn their primary colors, ABCs, and numbers from 10-year-old entrepreneur Rossy’s books, Lily’s Favorite Color, ABC Affirmations with Lily, and Come Along and Count with Lily. Rossy, who started writing at 6, plans to write and publish more children’s books. Buy all three titles on Amazon, Bookshop, or the Books by Rossy website.

Isla the Owl Makes Brownies by Isla Nolan

Recommended for ages 6-10. Isla the Owl is an easy-to-follow cookbook for young readers eager to cook and bake. Plus, they can convert the black-and-white print into a coloring book. Isla, the cartoon owl, teaches kids how to read recipes, differentiate tablespoons from teaspoons, and more. A recipe for yummy brownies is included. Buy it on Isla Nolan’s website.










The American Dream by Nicole Tukahirwa of Liznic Sensations and The Waterfall by Lizzy Lopez of Liznic Sensations

Recommended for ages 6-10. Two authors and young girl entrepreneurs, Nicole Tukahirwa and Lizzy Lopez, make up Liznic Sensations. They write children’s stories and donate profits from their book sales to animal rescue groups and art therapy organizations. The American Dream chronicles a Zebra family’s move from Africa to America, the land of dreams and opportunities; The Waterfall lets young readers know that happiness comes from within when they embrace their unique qualities. Buy The American Dream and The Waterfall on Amazon.

Activate Your Activism by Alejandra Stack

Recommended for kids and teens. Described as “One of the most important books children following protests in 2020 America will read,” Activate Your Activism is 16-year-old Alejandra “Allie” Stack’s debut novel. Part autobiography, the book includes Alejandra’s insights on becoming an activist, choosing a passion, and engaging with parents in conversation about activism. Some chapters also share how Allie began her journey as an award-winning journalist, young entrepreneur, and actress. Buy it on Amazon or Bookshop.

Kofi Chronicles: She’s Bubbly, Big-Hearted, and Brave by Kashvi Ramani

Recommended for ages 9-12. Kofi Chronicles features Kofi as the main character who faces different challenges and opportunities after she signs up for a performing arts camp. Teen author Kashvi Ramani wrote this semi-autobiographical book to inspire kids and pre-teens with dreams contrary to social expectations. Kashvi shared her invaluable lesson from mistakes: “The biggest mistake I made was marketing it to the wrong age. In the preliminary stages of this novel, I wrote it for others my age rather than children. I learned that novels of inspiration, conquering fears, and representation in my style are best geared to a younger age group, as they have the most potential to learn from it.” Buy it on Amazon.

Suubi’s Sunny Smile by Ssanyu Lukoma

Recommended for kids and teens. Ssanyu Lukoma, Brown Kids Read, Inc. founder, wrote Suubi’s Sunny Smile to remind young readers that their unique traits are their greatest strengths. Suubi, the book’s main character, struggles to make friends in a new school after being bullied. The story details how Suubi builds his confidence and learns more about his heritage and self-identity with help from his parents and teachers. Buy it on Amazon or Bookshop.

When Pigs Fly: The Parent’s Guide to Inspire Your Young Entrepreneur by Neva Lee Recla

Recommended for parents of all ages. Kid entrepreneur Neva Lee Recla gives her perspective on what young kids are capable of, especially when parents or guardians provide proper guidance. A guide for parents, the book covers topics from “Get Tools to Raise Your Young Entrepreneur” to “Read About How to Turn Your Kid’s Dream Into a Business Model” to “Discover the Importance of Allowing Your Child to Reach for Their Dreams,” plus many more. Buy it on Amazon or Bookshop.


Hoping to add other books for kids and teens to your book collection? We have more recommendations, from financial literacy to startup advice to entrepreneurship. Our top picks educate, entertain, and motivate girls to be inspiring leaders, fearless girl bosses, or simply their best selves.

Happy reading!



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