The Startup Squad believes that all girls should have the benefit of an entrepreneurial mindset, not just those who can afford a copy of our books. Since our inception, we have worked tirelessly to partner with charitable organizations to inspire and empower underserved girls.

Want to work with us or know an organization that believes in the power of inspiring and empowering girls? We would love to hear from you.

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Donate to The Startup Squad Foundation to bring our entrepreneurship workshops and books to more girls in underserved communities. Your support will inspire girls to start their first businesses, empower them with an entrepreneurial mindset, and encourage them to dream big, work hard, and achieve their full potential.

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100inspiring100 with Girls Inc of NYC (GINYC)

100inspiring100 with Girls Inc. of NYC

Girls Inc. of NYC and The Startup Squad donated thousands of books to Girls Inc.’s economic literacy program. As part of the program, over 50 female leaders also provided lemonade stand tips to the girls. Girls Inc. distributed the books to girls through public schools, YMCAs, summer academies, the NYC Department of Community and Youth, and the NYC Police Athletic League.

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The Startup Squads of Oakland, CA

The Startup Squad and Girls Leadership, a charity focused on teaching girls to exercise the power of their voice, combined its entrepreneurship and social-emotional learning curriculums for a ten-week after-school program to inspire thirty girls at two schools in Oakland, California to start their first businesses.

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Entre-Ed Appalachia Book Donation Program

EntreEd Appalachia Book Donation Program

EntreEd, a youth entrepreneurship education initiative, and The Startup Squad distributed thousands of books, along with a business plan template, to students from rural school districts in economically disadvantaged areas in Appalachia. The program’s goal was to incent kids to keep reading and to inspire them to start their own businesses, develop entrepreneurial mindsets, and bring jobs back to their communities.

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The Startup Squad of Kingston, NY

The Startup Squad of Kingston, NY

The first ever Startup Squad was held in Kingston, NY in partnership with the City of Kingston Everette Hodge Community Center. A local female entrepreneur led nine 8-10 year-old girls from an underserved area of Kingston through an entrepreneurship program. The girls learned business skills, met local female entrepreneurs, and designed and sold a girls’ empowerment tee shirt raising over $600 for the community center.

Girl Scouts Entrepreneurship Cookie Program

Girl Scouts Cookie Program

The Startup Squad has worked with hundreds of Girl Scouts across the nation to relate the narrative and tips in its books to cookie selling. This left-and-right-brain learning increases the girls’ excitement about selling cookies and helps them better connect cookie selling to running a real business.

Learn more about how The Startup Squad can help your cookie seller here.

Career Girls Two Generations of Female Entrepreneur Webinar Series

Two Generations of Female Entrepreneur Webinar Series

Career Girls and The Startup Squad showcased girlpreneurs and women role models from similar industries in a five-webinar series. Each week, the two generations of female entrepreneurs shared their journeys and discussed tips and strategies for success.

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Hills Pet Nutrition, Wells International Foundation, and Pawsabilities

Hills Pet Nutrition, Wells International Foundation, and Pawsabilities

The Startup Squad partnered with Hills Pet Nutrition and two charities, Wells International Foundation and Pawsabilities, to host a veterinary science webinar to encourage youth to pursue veterinary science careers. The program featured a girlpreneur’s pet-treat-cooking demonstration and a discussion with veterinarians about their careers.

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