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How old were you when you started and where did your idea come from?
I’ve always liked doing arts and crafts, but when my Grandma showed me how to make cards when I was 12, I loved it! I really enjoy the process of choosing coordinating colors and designs, cutting, stamping, and gluing it all together. It takes a good amount of time, but the final product is beautiful! I wanted to be able to sell my cards, but there weren't any craft fairs near my house, so I opened my shop on Etsy.
What was the biggest mistake you made and what did you learn from it?
When I first started my shop, I listed my cards on Etsy and just expected them to sell. Now, I've learned how to use Etsy SEO, Instagram, and an email newsletter for marketing my shop.
What are your future plans for the business?
In the future, I plan to sell my cards in more craft fairs and work with clients to create completely customized cards.
Any advice for other girls starting a business?
Choose a product that excites you! When you're passionate about what you're creating, it will be so much easier to keep going even when you're not seeing results yet. And learn how to take clean product photos that sell.

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