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How old were you when you started and where did your idea come from?
We started our business when we were 9 years old because of our love for creating and making concoctions. We decided to channel our creativity into something useful, and have both always loved bath and body products, so that’s what we did!
What was the biggest mistake you made and what did you learn from it?
The biggest mistake we made was underestimating the importance of eye catching packaging. We used to think that the quality of the product was the only thing that mattered, and while it is very important, packaging attracts the buyer!
What are your future plans for the business?
We hope to continue to expand through our website which will be up and running soon, so stay posted for more information! We are also hoping to start our own summer camp teaching young women entrepreneurs how to start their own businesses!
Any advice for other girls starting a business?
Our advice for starting your own business is always do what makes you happy, stay persistent, and don’t give up!

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