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How old were you when you started and where did your idea come from?
I was 7 when my mom took me to a "Build a Stand Event" that Lemonade Day organization was hosting locally. I took the lessons they provide and got a mentor. I participated in a "Pitch your Business" event with the organization and won 3rd place. I have a plan ever since then and want to fulfill the need of having a distinct and healthy flavor for lemonade as many choices in restaurants are not truly healthy for kids.
What was the biggest mistake you made and what did you learn from it?
We had the opportunity to participate in the "Best Tasting Lemonade Event" with the Lemonade Day organization. If I wouldn't lose this I wouldn't be able to find our signature flavor. I need to give credit to my Grandma for the recipe and to my mom for pushing me through. I was disappointed but now we have a delicious flavor and healthy which is very important for me.
What are your future plans for the business?
Our business model is through pop up events but we are working towards the goal of having bigger production and distribution of the drinks. I also had the idea to combine the lemonade with other baked goods and promote a healthy lifestyle through other products. Now we are introducing our friendship bracelets as well.
Any advice for other girls starting a business?
I loved having a mentor and the help of a local organization. It was my dream to grow my business as I loved to play store when I was really little. My advice is never give up with your ideas and your dreams.

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