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How old were you when you started and where did your idea come from?
I was 3 years old when I started baking, but I was 11 years old when I started my business, Goddess Food Factory. The idea of baking and being an entrepreneur came from being inspired by my grandma and my mom. My grandma bakes and I have always stayed in the kitchen helping her. She taught me how to bake all kinds of traditional treats. My mom is a business owner, so when I was younger I wanted to start my own business and be just like her. That's what inspired me to start my own business as a baker.
What was the biggest mistake you made and what did you learn from it?
The biggest mistake I made thus far is not prioritizing my responsibilities and failure to balance business and school work. I attend a college preparatory public school and I have a lot of home learning and projects all the time. One time, I had a huge expo in which I baked over 600 cupcakes. I also had an important project due that was due. I didn’t complete the project on time and received a low grade. I was upset with myself the whole week. The lesson that I learned was to prioritize and ask for help because school is important too.
What are your future plans for the business?
I have so many plans for my business. I'm always dreaming up new things. Some of my future plans for Goddess Food Factory is to add more tangible and digital STREAM (science, technology, reading, engineering, arts, mathematics) based products that kids will enjoy and learn from. I also want to have my own branded cookware and chef apparel. Additionally, I want to add an interactive online companion to my subscription baking boxes. The possibilities are endless.
Any advice for other girls starting a business?
My advice for girls who are starting a business is for them to do something that they are very passionate about and not what someone else wants them to do. I also recommend that they get a mentor and a great support team that includes family and other resourceful people who want to see them grow.

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