Used by over 250 cookie sellers, our proven tips for marketing, selling, merchandising, location, and customer care are designed to make this cookie season the best one yet.

As eager as you and your daughter might be to get out and start putting boxes into the hands of consumers, you may find more success if you take a few moments to prepare and learn the best ways to:

  • Display the cookies to attract attention.
  • Talk comfortably with strangers (aka: customers).
  • Build customer relationships that will last.
  • Speak confidently and intelligently about your products.
  • Position the booth in the best location.

Bake your season better with tips to help your girl become the smartest cookie on the block. Download them now to start moving those boxes!

Also, be sure to check out our book club for reviews of books that’ll help your little cookie seller hone her business skills and embrace her inner entrepreneur.

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