The Startup Squad has worked with hundreds of Girl Scouts from coast to coast to relate the lessons in its books to cookie selling. This left and right brain learning increases the girls’ excitement about selling cookies and helps them better connect cookie selling to a real business.

Our proven tips for in person and virtual selling are designed to make this cookie season the best one yet.

As eager as you and your daughter might be to get out and start putting boxes into the hands of consumers, you may find more success if you take a few moments to prepare and learn the best ways to:

    • Display the cookies to attract attention.
    • Create the perfect Digital Cookie video.
    • Talk comfortably with strangers (aka: customers).
    • Build customer relationships that will last.
    • Speak confidently and intelligently about your products.

Bake your season better with tips to help your girl become the smartest cookie on the block. Download them now to start moving those boxes!

Also, be sure to check out the first book in The Startup Squad series which was inspired by cookie selling! The book will help your cookie seller hone her business skills and embrace her inner entrepreneur.

It’s the perfect companion to cookie selling!

Book #1 3D PB Spine out

Troops and Regions from Girl Scouts of Northern California, to Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan, to Girl Scout Troop 6000 in New York have benefited from working with The Startup Squad during cookie season. Our programs have included local female-leader mentoring for the girls as well as virtual and in-person mentoring with our founder.

Let us know if we can help your troop or region get the most out of their cookie-selling experience!

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