Raising Entrepreneurial Girls


To help parents and caregivers who are looking for things to do with their kids during the next few weeks, we adapted the Teacher’s Guide for The Startup Squad into a Parent’s Guide of fun activities.

Planning a business with your children is a fun activity you can do together and an excellent opportunity for your kids to develop important life skills such as planning, teamwork, leadership, persistence (grit), comfort with risk and failure, self-expression, and financial literacy. Our Parent’s Guide has activities, discussion questions, and a glossary to help your children prepare for the successful operation of a business and learn important life skills along the way.

The activities are geared towards a lemonade stand, perhaps the easiest business for a child to start and understand, but can be adapted for any business your children are interested in starting. Perhaps they can invent a business based on a new or old hobby?

While lemonade stands might not be possible right now in your community, consider doing a mock lemonade stand in your home with family members acting as customers. This will give your kids a sense of what it is like to run a business and serve as practice for when they are able to operate a lemonade stand or other business. And our favorite recipe for lemonade, straight from p. 166 of The Startup Squad, is six cups of water, the juice from six lemons, and one cup of sugar.

Stay safe everyone and please follow the CDC guidelines.

The Startup Squad

*A note for homeschooling parents: our separate Teacher’s Guide is aligned with Common Core State Standards for grade five but can be applied to grades three through eight.

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