Raising Entrepreneurial Girls

How Your Teen or Tween Girl Can Spot Business Opportunities

It all starts with an opportunity

 Business opportunities for kids are everywhere! And learning to see those opportunities is a key part of thinking like an entrepreneur. But recognizing them takes practice. Even if your young girl entrepreneur doesn’t grow up to be an entrepreneur, the ability to see opportunities where others see problems will be a huge asset in whatever she does in the future. With your guidance and encouragement, your girlpreneur will be uncovering opportunities and finetuning them into startup ideas in no time. Here are some ways your girlpreneur can start.


  1. Empower her to do some detective work. Entrepreneurs are like detectives. They observe everything around them, see problems as mysteries that need to be solved, and come up with solutions. Your girlpreneur can do her own detective work by doing the same. Encourage her to take the time to notice everything and listen to other people’s problems. She’ll soon get the hang of it.
  2. Remind her to mind the gap. Market gaps, that is. You can explain to your girlpreneur that unsolved problems are opportunities, too. Just like, Emma Shelton of Earrings by Emma. She started her business when she was eight she couldn’t find an existing product that wouldn’t hurt her sensitive ears. So, she decided to make her own hypoallergenic jewelry line!
  3. Prompt her to look from within. Your girlpreneur already has interests and talents she can share with the world. The best businesses will be those that involve something she already loves doing. Sara Robinson loved to sew. When she sewed an apron for a friend’s birthday present, and all the other girls at the party wanted one, too, her Sara Sews business was born.
  4. Encourage her to plan. How can she decide if any of the opportunities she’s discovered can become a business idea worth pursuing? By creating a simple business plan to think through how her business will be different, who her customers will be, what she can charge, and much more. Our Ultimate Business Plan for Kids is a great way for her to turns her ideas into plans.
  5. Motivate her to power through roadblocks. What may seem to be a failure can actually lead to new opportunities and future success. It’s simply another way to reset and begin again. Win some, learn some indeed!


The more often your girlpreneur uses any or all of these suggestions, the more her confidence in spotting opportunities will grow. And with you keeping the lines of communication open, your girlpreneur will be on the path to entrepreneurial success.


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