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Get to know this girl boss, chef, and STREAM enthusiast who will be profiled in Party Problems, our third book releasing on May 4!

Hitting bookshelves and digital bookstores on May 4, Party Problems  the third book in The Startup Squad series, will include a profile of Simone Bridges, a 15-year-old girlpreneur who makes STREAM (science, technology, reading, engineering, arts, and mathematics) more accessible to kids and teens everywhere through her baking biz.

Simone Bridges is an award-winning chef and teen entrepreneur from Jacksonville, Florida, who is on a mission to get more kids psyched about STREAM. Through her startup, Goddess Food Factory, Simone teaches STREAM concepts in fun-filled ways, from baking subscription kits to hands-on cooking classes. She also makes time to spread the word about STREAM and kid entrepreneurship by appearing on talk shows and news programs. She appeared on the Steve Harvey Show four years ago and took part in LeBron James’ “Always Believe” campaign in 2018. She’s a regular keynote speaker for The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and stars as one of the leading cast members on BYU TV’s new feel-good show, Operation Awesome. As a STREAM and youth advocate, Simone serves her community through her non-profit organization, Simone Bridges Inspires, Inc. Her charity provides underprivileged kids with the necessary tools and mentorship on how to become young entrepreneurs and leaders in STREAM.

Simone is amazing! She’s not afraid to learn from her mistakes, and she loves to help kids strengthen their math and science skills through baking and cooking. Her growing business proves that STREAM is indeed everywhere. If you and your budding young girl entrepreneur want to know more about Simone, you can read her complete profile in our third book, The Startup Squad: Party Problems. Pre-order your copy today and get it the moment it’s released.

Party Problems, to be released by Macmillan Publishers on May 4, is the third novel of this series about friendship and entrepreneurship that Katherine Applegate, Newbery Medal-winning author of The One and Only Ivan, calls “A great read!” In their latest adventure, all four friends in the Startup Squad want to raise money—but when they can’t agree on what business to start next, they strike off on their own. Didi’s idea seems perfect: making place cards for a wedding. But after the wedding planner gets sick, Didi finds herself in charge of everything—and then the caterer cancels and the band goes missing! Didi’s business is turning from a dream to a disaster. Will the Startup Squad come together in time to save the wedding? In addition to the profile of Simone, the book also features tips for kids starting or running their first businesses.

You can reserve your copy of Party Problems from your favorite bookseller today via this link.


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