Let’s Get Down to Business with Girl CEOs, Raising Entrepreneurial Girls


Girlpreneurs share big doses of startup encouragement for aspiring girl bosses.

Everyone needs encouragement and motivation, especially young girls who are starting a business. And who better to give that advice than fellow girlpreneurs! We asked some of the role models we know to share what it takes to become a young girl entrepreneur. They provided a virtual pep talk of tips and advice for your girl. Read on and share what they have to say with your budding girlpreneur!

Sugar Slimes by Izzy

Slime-lover and CEO of Sugar Slimes by Izzy, Izzy founded her company when she was 11 years old. At first, she didn’t think she had it in her to start a business. But with the love and support of her friends and family, she gave entrepreneurship a chance. It also didn’t hurt that people really liked her homemade slime products! For Izzy, the first step to becoming an entrepreneur is, “find something you like to do and start from there.” She also adds, “No matter what you do or who you are, just keep believing in yourself. And with the right mindset, the hard effort, and the work you put into your business, you can accomplish everything.”

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Books by Rossy

7-year-old Rosemary of Books by Rossy loves books and enjoys sharing her love of reading with other children. A young author of two books, Lily’s Favorite Color and Come Along and Count with Lily, Rossy has great advice for young entrepreneurs: “Just believe in yourself and never give up. Do your best. If you set your mind to [something], you can achieve anything.”

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Twin Made Bakery

Twin sisters Dylan and Addison started their Georgia-based bakery after appearing on Disney+’s “Be Our Chef” and meeting an inspiring baker. Their bakery has been in operation for over a year now, and shared with us this important entrepreneurial lesson: “Believe in yourself and don’t doubt yourself. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to move forward and be successful!”

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Dreah Dreah Shea Butter

Andreah, the founder of Dreah Dreah Shea Butter, created her own organic skin and hair care brand as a solution to her own pain point, extremely dry skin. And with the help of her mom, she experimented with different natural products, such as shea butter and coconut oil, mixtures, and fragrances for her product lineup. So Andreah’s advice for aspiring girl bosses definitely makes sense: “For girls starting a business, if you have an idea, put that idea into action. Ask someone who is close to you to help make it happen.”

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Sisters Tessa and Davia want to protect the environment and save the Earth, one bar at a time. As co-CEOs of Sustainabar, Tessa and Davia make and sell zero-waste, bottle-free bath, body, and household products. For these young girl entrepreneurs, managing a business means being receptive and detail-oriented, thinking about the overall customer experience, and having fun at the same time: “Have fun! And be open to feedback from your customers, friends, and family. Also, pay attention to even the smallest details (like packaging!). When our customers open a package of our bars, we want them to feel happy — our bars smell good and we wrap them in bright colored paper, include a personalized thank you note with a joke inside. We think this personal touch has brought us repeat customers, who both want to be sustainable and also love our product and the experience of our product.”

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The Startup Squad is all about building a community in which girlpreneurs can learn from and help each other. We hope that these tips help inspire your budding CEO and provide her with some lessons about how to navigate the startup world. Cheer on your aspiring girlpreneur, even the mistakes she makes along the way, and one day she’ll be doling out advice to the next generation of girlpreneurs!

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