Make The Startup Squad your own reality with these helpful resources

The Startup Squad Activity Kit

Personality quizzes, word searches, our favorite lemonade recipe, and much more. These activities will keep your kids entertained at home, in school, during your book club, or at your bookstore.

Teacher's Guide

Bring The Startup Squad into your classroom to combine literacy, entrepreneurship, and the Common Core. Includes instructions to run your own lemonade stand competition to raise money for your school or favorite cause!

Business Tip Sheet

Whether your girl is opening her first lemonade stand or preparing her launch on Shark Tank, our tips about marketing, selling, merchandising, location, and customer care will make her business the best it can be and provide valuable life lessons.

Book Recommendations

Reviews of entrepreneurial-themed books including activity guides for you and your girl, companion book recommendations for you, and more – all written from the perspective of a Chief Operating Officer.

Entrepreneurship Activity Kit

Designed for Take Your Child To Work Day, our entrepreneurship activity kit will keep kids entertained, help them launch their entrepreneurial journeys, and teach important life skills like branding and selling.

Cookie Selling Tip Sheet

Cookie-selling season is about to get sweeter. Our proven tips for marketing, selling, merchandising, location, and customer care are designed to make your cookie season the best one yet.

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