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Summer job! One of the best ways to learn new skills while earning money.

 Need a surefire way for your girl to beat the summer blahs? (And save yourself from endless “I’m sooo bored!” comments, too!) Encourage her to land a summer job! Besides keeping her busy, a job teaches your girl about hard work and the value of money. And depending on where you live, since some states have eased Covid-19 restrictions, we’re confident that your girl can find a creative way to make money during the summer months, either socially distanced outside or safely indoors. Here are some ideas to explore:

Summer Intern

Usually open to high school juniors and seniors, a paid summer internship program gives your girl a chance to work on real-world projects, network, and have fun at the same time. Publishing firms and SMEs (small to medium-sized enterprises) regularly hire editorial, production, and social media interns. Your girl can try her luck on reputable online job boards for this kind of summer job or focus on STEM-focused internship programs. Companies and institutes, such as Microsoft, Boyce Thompson Institute, and Zuckerman Institute’s Brain Research Apprenticeships, provide intensive summer lab internships for students across the country.


Your local water park or community pool may be on the lookout for part-time lifeguards. If your girl is at least 15 years old and enjoys being outdoors in the sun, then this is a great summer job option for her. Heads up though that most states will that she gets a lifeguard certification.

In-person or Virtual Tutor

Is your girl passionate about a school subject or excels at a particular skill? There are opportunities for her to use her expertise to tutor younger kids, international students, and even the young-at-heart. The disruption of the past school year has created increased demand for tutors. She can try her luck at Preply and Wyzant, where the minimum age to apply as a tutor is 13.

Veterinary Clinic or Animal Shelter Assistant

Some vet clinics and animal shelters hire part-time assistants with compensation. But some only accept volunteers where your girl won’t earn any money taking care of animals in need. Pay or no pay, working in a local animal clinic or shelter can cure summer boredom and nurture your girl’s love of animals.

Photography Assistant

Photography studios and independent photographers are always in need of an assistant. Your girl can apply as one and learn the ins and outs of the industry. She could even start a photography business in the future.

Family Business Assistant

Have a business of your own? Hire your girl as an employee! As long as you provide age-appropriate work and meet certain conditions, having your girl work for you exposes her to a rewarding and educational experience.


In most rural areas, kids as young as ten years old can do non-hazardous farm work during their summer break. As a farmhand, your girl can learn how to take care of chickens, feed animals, and plant and harvest crops. Although physically demanding, farming teaches kids and teens about empathy, responsibility, teamwork, and many more.

Odd Jobs Runner

As an errand runner, your girl gets paid to do odd jobs and chores for neighbors and family friends. She can distribute flyers around the neighborhood to promote duties that she can do based on her age. Whenever your girl does her on-call tasks, it’s best to remind her to stay safe wherever she goes.

We have other summer job suggestions here, plus a few more for the winter break that your girl can tweak for any season. We also have some age-appropriate business ideas that may even put your girl on the path toward a long-term entrepreneurial career. If she needs more inspiration, she can find out how other Girl CEOs got their start as girlpreneurs. Your girl can then follow in their footsteps with the help of our Startup Roadmap.


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