Let’s Get Down to Business with Girl CEOs


Meet three pre-teens whose love for jewelry shines through their businesses.

Admirable and impressive, these young girl entrepreneurs have been able to turn their jewelry-making hobby into serious startups. And they’re not even in their teens yet. From quirky earrings to fashionable gem pendants, their handcrafted accessories complement outfits and allow wearers to look chic wherever they go. Here are their inspiring startup stories.

Simply Samone

10-year-old Samone McMichael grew up surrounded by entrepreneurs, so she has always wanted to become one. She also adores jewelry! As the CEO of earrings business Simply Samone, Samone creates classy, sassy studs for any occasion. She credits her startup success to her family’s love and support and can’t wait for her business to expand globally.

Get to know Samone


Kady’s Jewelry Box

Kady, who’s only 7 years old, was inspired by her passion for making jewelry and crafting to start a jewelry business. She personally handcrafts earrings, bracelets, and necklaces and sells her wares on Etsy. We’re wowed by Kady’s creativity and dedication to her hobby-based biz!

Get to know Kady


Michaela’s Magical Crystal Jewelry

9-year-old Michaela was driven by a desire to help the homeless when she founded her company, Michaela’s Magical Crystal Jewelry. She donates a portion of her gemstone-adorned jewelry sales to various homeless organizations in Maryland. You can support Michaela’s cause and small business by dropping by her Etsy shop and checking out the unique handmade trinkets there.

Get to know Michaela


Does a young girl you know (a daughter, stepdaughter, niece, goddaughter, cousin?) have a hobby that could potentially turn into a thriving business? If you think she does, then why not help her see the entrepreneurial possibilities? Even if entrepreneurship may not be her endgame, she’ll still learn how to embrace entrepreneurial thinking, develop lifelong resilience, and get comfortable with uncertainty.

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