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The Startup Squad hits bookshelves, schools, fairs, and more! What a start!

A little over two months ago, The Startup Squad was released in bookstores and Target stores across the country. It’s taken us this long to catch our breath and for me to be able to finally share an update!

The past weeks have been a blur of bookstore signings, conference panels, kids entrepreneurial fairs, meet and greets, school visits, launch parties, and so much more. The best part is that the book is doing exactly as I had hoped – inspiring girls to start their own businesses! Take a look below for a recap of the highlights from the first few months.

May 7th, the day The Startup Squad was released, is a day that my family will always remember. It began with two presentations at my daughters’ schools.

Judging by the texts we received afterwards, it was clear that we were onto something that could truly impact kids’ lives:



So cool!

After school we traveled to Target and a couple of local bookstores to see the book on the shelves, meet the staff, and sign a few copies.









It was a fantastic launch week. At one point, all three formats of the book were in the Top Ten books in its category on Amazon!

In May, I visited four Acton Children’s Business Fairs in our area. These fairs are fantastic opportunities for kids to try their hands at a new business or to support other kidpreneurs. Check out to find a fair near you this summer.

Finally, it was time for our own book launch party which we celebrated with 23 amazing girlpreneurs. I was so excited to share the stage and spotlight with these amazing girls!

What I didn’t expect was to be floored by stories of how the girls were inspired by The Startup Squad.

This girl (below) was selling tie-dyed scarves, pants, and shirts as well as beautiful candles and soaps (her products were gorgeous and would’ve fit in at any local boutique). I asked her if this was her first business, she answered it was her second – she had a lemonade stand once before! When we asked how she went from a lemonade stand to such a wide variety of beautiful products, she told us that she saw me speak at her school, heard about the event, and was inspired to start this business.

This pillowcase was made by another girl who had always enjoyed sewing as a hobby and made these incredible pillows and pillow cases – the below pillowcase was actually purchased by my wife.

When we asked her what inspired her to turn her hobby into a business, she responded: “I had started sewing at about the age of six when I hand-sewed clothes for my dolls. Later, when I was eight, I got a sewing machine and slowly learned how to use it, with the help of my dad. At the age of nine, I discovered my passion for a more specific type of sewing, called quilting. Soon, however, my fabrics started running low and good quality fabrics could be expensive. When I heard of The Startup Squad and it’s launch event, I thought that I could make my passion a business and use profits for fabrics. Now, at the age of ten, I finally did it.”

In June and July, my family and I added a new activity to our summer vacation – leaving a trail of signed copies of The Startup Squad in our wake! We visited local bookstores in New York and the Hudson Valley to sign their stock and meet their staff. Such a blast!









And finally, we practice what we preach at The Startup Squad. My youngest daughter ran a lemonade stand this past weekend to raise money for a local charity as well as for a new set of calligraphy pens for herself and her new calligraphy business. She earned nearly $40 in one afternoon and added some more lessons to her Lemonade Stand MBA.

It’s been an amazing first couple of months for The Startup Squad – and for me.

Five years ago, I had an inspiration to write a book series to help inspire and empower girls. I knew it was going to be a long road, but what I didn’t know was how rewarding it would be once I got here. Thank you for joining me on this journey. I look forward to sharing many more tales with you as The Startup Squad inspires and empowers more girls across the country.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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