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During this most unusual and challenging of holiday seasons, think about giving back to the next generation by purchasing your gifts from girlpreneurs. Not only will you help the economy, but you’ll also provide the publicity and financial support these young girl bosses need to grow their startups and online shops. Best of all, there are tons of thoughtful, well-crafted items made by young CEOs that are sure to bring joy and holiday cheer to anyone on your list. You can check out the previous season’s 3-part holiday gift guide and include our updated list of recommendations below.

For the Work-from-Home Family Member

Your gift recipients will feel extra special knowing you bought something that can’t be found in big-box stores.

  • Sugar Slimes By Izzy – Slimes can help any work-from-homer you know de-stress. Affordable and fun to play with, Sugar Slimes’ slimes are handmade by kidpreneur Izzy, who also gives excellent entrepreneurial advice.


  • Books by Rossy – You can give the gift of parent-child bonding through reading when you buy any of Rosemary Nwaosuagwu’s books, Lily’s Favorite Color and Come Along and Count with Lily. An 8-year-old entrepreneur and author, Rosemary loves writing and sharing her love of reading with others.

  • Glossy Pals – For 12-year-old Miah Smith Hudnail, lip gloss gives her the confidence to stand up to bullies. That’s why she makes her own lip gloss jewelry and donates a portion of her sales to different anti-bullying causes every month. So, for anyone who needs a confidence boost on her next Zoom call, Miah’s glossy bracelet or necklace is the perfect gift!

  • Twin Made Bakery – Cakes and cake pops can definitely sweeten up anyone’s workday. And we all know that food is one of the best holiday gifts to give (and receive)! Why not check out the baked goods of Twin Made Bakery and see if they deliver nationwide? Owned by twin sisters Dylan and Addison, Twin Made Bakery began a year ago after the twins joined Disney+’s “Be Our Guest.” On the set of this reality cooking show, the twins met a baker who inspired them to start their own bakery.

  • Stop and Love – What’s not to love about personalized gifts? You can get in touch with 7-year-old Annabelle of Stop and Love and ask her to come up with custom stop-motion greeting cards for your gift recipients. After joining Rocket Club (a virtual entrepreneurship, coding, and robotics club), Annabelle was inspired to start a business that matches her skills and interests and so launched her stop motion animation offering.

For the Spa-loving Eco-warrior

These natural, all-organic products will surely be a hit with the eco-conscious spa enthusiasts on your list.

  • Dreah Dreah Shea Butter – Founder Andreah, who’s 10 years old, used to have extremely dry skin when she was younger. She managed her dry skin patches by experimenting with different natural ingredients and fragrances. With her mom’s help, she discovered the best blends that promote healthy hair and skin and started her own all-organic haircare and skincare business. And that’s how Dreah Dreah Shea Butter was born!

  • Sustainabar – Sisters and co-CEOs of Sustainabar, Tessa and Davia, make environmental conservation part of their business model. Their bottle-free bath, body, and household products contribute to the zero-waste movement and promote sustainable living.

  • Asani’s Cupcake Cosmetics – Asani (her nickname’s Cupcake), the girl boss behind Asani’s Cupcake Cosmetics, loves colorful and pretty things. She also loves all things natural. That’s why she only uses safe, cruelty-free, and vegan ingredients for her handcrafted lip balms, lip glosses, body scrubs, and soaps.

  • Taylor Beauty – Teenpreneur Madison Taylor co-owns Taylor Beauty with her dad, Bryan Taylor. They make and sell high-quality lotions that reflect the fun, fruity flavors and scents of Saint Martin, an island in the Caribbean and the Taylors’ home away from home.

For Jewelry Lovers

Jewelry makes for a great holiday present, especially for gemaholics!

  • Kady’s Jewelry Box – 7-year-old Kady of Kady’s Jewelry Box is one creative kidpreneur! She loves designing and creating jewelry pieces from scratch and selling them on her Etsy shop. You can find a wide variety of necklaces, stud and drop earrings, bracelets, and even holiday-themed ones.

  • Michaela’s Magical Crystal Jewelry – The handmade trinkets from Michaela’s Magical Crystal Jewelry can surely brighten anyone’s holiday break. Head gem-maker and girl boss, 9-year-old Michaela, fashions colorful quartz crystals into pendants and sets aside a portion of her sales for homeless not-for-profits in Maryland.

  • Simply Samone – Growing up surrounded by entrepreneurs, 10-year-old Samone knew she wanted to become one. She took her love of jewelry and started her own business. Her startup, Simply Samone, markets classy, sassy studs for all ages and all occasions. You can find different styles on Samone’s e-commerce site.

  • Waveify – Waveify was founded by a 13-year-old girlpreneur from New Jersey. Her online shop sells handmade jewelry, from necklaces to bracelets, for kids, teens, and women of all ages. Her store also accepts requests for custom stickers.

For Pet Parents

Cute and useful finds that express the special bond people share with their four-legged friends.

  • Rose Bows – Fashionable bows and collar accessories for a friend’s or a colleague’s fur-babies? Get them from Amani Rose, the 9-year-old CEO of Rose Bows. She sews matching bow sets for pet lovers and their furry companions of different breeds and sizes.

The holiday season will sneak up on us quickly, so bookmark this list of gift ideas and last year’s recommendations. The simple act of Add-to-Cart supports these girlpreneurs’ entrepreneurial dreams. It also provides them with more opportunities to give back to their respective communities. And giving back matters now more than ever.  We hope your holidays are happy and safe!

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