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Stuck for gift ideas? Get unstuck with our annual gift guide of unique gifts from awesome girlpreneurs.

It’s that time of year again! Making lists, checking them twice, and getting stumped on coming up with the best gift ideas for friends and family. Don’t worry! Our incredible girl CEOs have got you covered. Our holiday gift guide below is guaranteed to get you excited for the shopping season. Plus, when you shop for your presents from The Startup Squad girl bosses, you’re supporting the passions and dreams of so many inspiring young girl entrepreneurs.


For Friends and Family Who Love Baubles and Bling

Thoughtful trinkets for lovers of all things jewelry!

  • Earrings by Emma – Last year’s Girls Mean Business contest winner, Emma from Earrings by Emma, understands how hard it is to find the safest, most hypoallergenic earrings for sensitive ears. That’s why she decided to make and sell them herself! You and your gift recipients can learn more about Emma and her business by reading her profile in Book #2 of The Startup Squad series.
  • NBL Jewlz – The young girlpreneur behind NBL Jewlz is super creative and crafty with beaded bracelets. She also has a heart of gold! We asked her why she decided to start a business, and she shared that she “wanted to raise money to help people in need and save our planet.” Her handmade beaded bracelets are available online and in some pop-up shops in Georgia.


For Your Most Stylish Daughter, Stepdaughter, or Niece

Fashion-forward gifts that show someone that you’re thinking of them.

  • Clarissa’s Storybook Castle – Clarissa, the 9-year-old CEO of Clarissa’s Storybook Castle, loves books. She also loves sharing her love of reading with kids, which she does on her YouTube channel, where she reads books aloud. Besides sharing stories online, Clarissa designs and sells T-shirts that celebrate self-confidence by featuring inspiring quotes and Clarissa’s personal statements.
  • Fanny So Fab – Fanny So Fab was founded by a 14-year-old teen entrepreneur who started sewing when she was six. She sews cool-looking fanny packs and custom face masks that any stylishly-inclined girl would love to wear.
  • The Fashion Sisters – Dalise and Dalia, sisters and founders of The Fashion Sisters, work one-on-one with clients who need fashion advice and styling tips. They’re also great at giving time management tips to other girlpreneurs.
  • Jades Beautiful Bows – 6-year-old kidpreneur from Texas is the creative force behind Jades Beautiful Bows. She shares her love of hair bows with others by making and selling one-of-a-kind bows online.
  • Sara Sews – Our 2019 Girls Mean Business contest winner profiled in our first book, Sara, was featured by Amazon as a Small Business Doing Good for her selfless act of donating 5,000 handmade fabric masks last year. Her small business continues to grow from strength to strength, thanks to the wildly popular colorful aprons. Sara also inspires others with her success story.


For Anyone Who Enjoys Sweets, Treats, and Drinks

Goodies that are guaranteed to make any foodie say, “Yum!”

  • Fresh’n Juicy – Named Ambassador of the Year for 2021 Lemonade Day Houston, Sabrina of Fresh’n Juicy goes around town in her mobile lemonade stand and sells lemonade drinks and healthy baked goods. If you live in Houston or nearby, follow Sabrina’s social media accounts for her next pop-up event so you can drive over and support her biz. She’s also working towards the goal of “having bigger production and distribution of the drinks.”
  • Goddess Food Factory – When you purchase a Goddess Food Factory baking kit, you’re helping young girls get excited with STREAM (science, technology, reading, engineering, arts, and mathematics) by baking. 15-year-old Simone Bridges, the award-winning chef of Goddess Food Factory, is a STREAM advocate and loves to teach these concepts through her fun-filled cooking classes and baking kits. You can read her complete profile in our third book, The Startup Squad: Party Problems, to know more about her successful startup and advocacies.
  • Skylar’s Sweet Snacks – Last year, 7-year-old Skylar was awarded the Greater Dallas Best Business Award 2020 from Lemonade Day Dallas for her business, Skylar’s Sweet Snacks, which sells lemonade, snacks, and merchandise. And she has big plans for the future! She dreams of expanding her business with more treats and selling her products in retail shops. Follow her on social media for updates.
  • Tameria’s Lemonade – How about a book and a bottled lemonade drink as a gift? Young kid entrepreneur Tameria makes this possible with her book Dreaming of Tameria’s Lemonade and bottled beverages. You can even choose a beverage flavor or two: Strawberry Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade, and Classic Lemonade.


For Loved Ones with Generous Spirits

Give a gift that keeps on giving.

  • Chelsea’s Charity – With Chelsea’s Charity, a charitable organization started by 11-year-old Chelsea Phaire, you can donate or send an art kit to a kid who can’t afford art supplies. You can do these gift options in someone’s name and make more than one person’s holiday season an exceptional one. Chelsea personally purchases the art supplies with your donation, assembles the art kits, and pens a personal note.
  • The Sasha Project LA – Sasha, 12 years old, has had cerebral palsy since birth and considers art as her go-to therapy. Since she considers Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) her second home, she raises awareness and funds for the art therapy program at CHLA through her non-profit organization, The Sasha Project LA. Sasha custom-paints and sells denim jeans, jackets, shoes, and all kinds of accessories for people and pets. She also has a SPLAtter Squad full of kids and teens who help raise funds for her cause.
  • The Rules of a Big Boss – 13-year-old Haelee P. Moone wrote her first book, The Rules of a Big Boss: A Book of Self-love, so she could bravely share the trauma she experienced when she was younger. Through her writing, she hopes to help other young girls identify red flags early on and choose to be compassionate towards themselves all the time.
  • CardsCafebyViolet – A dollar from every sale of Violet’s cards is donated to an animal shelter. 8-year-old business owner Violet is also an animal lover and a talented artist who illustrates all of the cards herself. You can gift these cards to animal lovers and let them know that your purchase has helped dogs and cats in need of love.


For Spa Enthusiasts and Zen Warriors

Thoughtful tokens that improve moods almost instantaneously.

  • Sobellebeauty – Who could refuse moisturizing body butters, lip glosses, and lip balms made by kidpreneurs? There are plenty of bath and body products to choose from when you shop and support Sobellebeauty and the founders, sisters Isabella and Sophia.
  • MuMu’s World – Anayah and Samina created MuMu’s World with all-natural spa offerings in mind. These two tween girl bosses handcraft small batches of organic, paraben-free products, from bath bombs to body scrubs.
  • Camryn’s Slime Shoppe – Kidpreneur Camryn is obsessed with slime! For her, slime helps her relax and has the fun superpower that turns frowns into smiles. If you have someone on your gift list who needs a fun way to find their zen, slime from Camryn’s Slime Shoppe is the present to give!


For Avid Readers of Books

An unforgettable gift that celebrates diversity and inclusion.

  • Kofi Chronicles – High schooler Kashvi Ramani wrote her first novel, Kofi Chronicles, during the pandemic because she wanted to inspire kids between the ages 6 and 12 to follow their dreams even if they’re different from society’s expectations. It’s also Kashvi’s semi-autobiographical novel that shares her experiences growing up Indian-American. The book’s main character, Kofi, loves to audition and act but she’s aware of the fact that her peers pursue fields outside of the performing arts. A second book is in the works.


Ready to spread holiday cheer with these gift ideas for every person in your life? We hope these suggestions spark your gift-giving spirit and brighten your gift recipients’ holidays. But, of course, for more inspiration, you can find picks from last year’s guide and the one before.

Happy shopping and happy holidays! And thanks so much for supporting young business owners who redefine the word “girlpreneur.


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