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Our annual gift guide is here! Complete your gift-giving with these young-girl-owned startups.

Finding and purchasing the perfect presents can be a stressful use of time, energy, and effort. This year, let our girlpreneurs make it easy and effortless for you! Get the best presents for everyone on your 2022 holiday list from the businesses of our girl bosses. These girls’ products are unique, handmade, and locally made, so you’ll also be helping out their respective communities while empowering these girls to keep doing what they love.


For Friends, Family, Loved Ones, and More

Gifts to give the important people in your life.

  • AnnaMadeDesignCo.Teen entrepreneur Anna loves creating all-occasion cards from scratch. Thanks to her grandmother’s card-making lessons, Anna’s been designing and producing cards, even pop-up ones, since she was 12. Her Etsy shop also accepts custom orders.

  • Bubble Pop Slimez – This slime business started as a hobby three years ago when the founder was 7. But when her personal collection grew too large, and her mom told her she had to cut it back, she decided to start a business to sell her extra slime. And she hasn’t stopped since! The Bubble Pop Slimez kid entrepreneur now makes and sells all sorts of colorful, handmade slime online, at select Music Festivals, and in a Michigan-based shop.

  • Slimerella – Slime that looks like food? You can find it at a Texan teen girlpreneur’s slime shop, Slimerella. From a McFlurry-inspired slime to a Funfetti Cake-designed one, there’s no shortage of fun-looking handmade slimes at Slimerella. If you live in Laredo, TX, you can drop by Slimerella’s brick-and-mortar store in one of the local malls.


For Anyone with a Sweet Tooth

DIY baked goods plus made-to-order gourmet treats.

  • Goddess Food Factory – Behind Goddess Food Factory is award-winning teen entrepreneur, chef, and TV star Simone Bridges. Her Goddess Food Factory baking kits explain the science and art of baking and help kids learn about STREAM (science, technology, reading, engineering, arts, and mathematics). Our third book, The Startup Squad: Party Problems, includes a profile of Simone and how she founded her business empire.

  • Mia’s Treats DelightMia, the food-and-drink business owner of Mia’s Treats Delight, bakes gourmet cookies, brownies, and cookie cakes from her home in Missouri. She hopes to one day travel around the country in a food truck so more people can sample her gourmet treats.


For Those Who Appreciate Self-Care Gifts

You could also gift these to yourself.

  • Bath Body by the Sea – The teen founders of Bath Body by the Sea have been hand-making bath bombs and other bath-related products for the past five years. Both young girl entrepreneurs enjoy creating bath and body concoctions and helping local organizations through their sales. They hope to someday start a summer camp teaching young girls how to start a business and become their own bosses.

  • iAH Beauty – The 13-year-old founder of iAH Beauty created a vegan cosmetics brand that caters to young girls and women with sensitive skin. The founder has sensitive skin and struggled to find skincare and makeup products that didn’t cause breakouts – so she created her own!

  • Kimmy’s SmileKid entrepreneur Kimaya makes and sells all-natural lip gloss products that are safe for kids and adults. She also wrote a series of educational children’s books that help younger kids learn the alphabet, numbers, and more.


For Fur Parents and their Fur Babies

Pets deserve special treats this holiday season too.  

  • Bow-Bow Ties – The young kid entrepreneur of Bow-Bow Ties designs, makes, and sells bow ties for cats and dogs. She also sews these colorful and eye-catching bow ties for animals in shelters to give them better chances of getting adopted and finding forever homes. To help these animals further, the admirable girl boss of Bow-Bow Ties donates a portion of her sales to animal shelters in her community.

  • Doggy Dog Treats by Jazzy – The business idea for Doggy Dog Treats by Jazzy came to its young business owner three years ago when she was 9. Now 12, this girl CEO continues to make fresh, preservative-free dog treats and sells them online at Etsy. She loves the business aspect of owning and running a startup. She also likes advising young girls everywhere to keep going when starting a business because hard work eventually pays off.


For Young Bookworms

A new book (plus special surprises) every month!

  • Food for the Worm – Back in 2020, this 12-year-old founder received a 3-month book subscription that lacked a variety of books. So, she made the most of her downtime that year and came up with her own book subscription business. Her monthly book boxes target young kids (ages 3+) and middle schoolers (ages 8+). Each box includes a paperback copy of the age-appropriate book of the month along with food and accessories that complement the book’s theme.

  • The Startup Squad Autographed Boxed Set – Looking to inspire the girls (or boys) in your life to start their own businesses? The Macmillan-published The Startup Squad series was created to do exactly that. you can gift the special kid in your life a personalized, autographed boxed set of the first three books in the series written for 7-14 year old readers. Just add the giftee’s name in the comments section and we’ll make personalize the autograph.


Need more recommendations and gift ideas? Take your pick from the businesses of other young girl bosses featured in our previous holiday gift guides (2020 and 2021).

Happy shopping and happy holidays! And as always, thanks so much for supporting young business owners who redefine the word “girlpreneur.




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