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A selection of Valentine’s Day gifts from The Startup Squad girl bosses

It’s never too early to start looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day present to mark the special occasion. And we’re here to help you find the best gifts for a significant other, a close friend, a family member, or even yourself by featuring the products of girls who mean business. Plus, when you support these young, girl entrepreneurs, you’ll be spreading even more love this Valentine’s Day.

For that Someone Special in Your Life

Surprise a loved one with these thoughtful, unique gifts.

Autumn Kakes – You can never go wrong with cakes, cupcakes, and cookies for Hearts Day. If you live in Virginia or nearby, the 16-year-old cake artist and founder of Autumn Kakes can bake goodies for you and your Valentine. She regularly announces Flash Sales on her Facebook page so be on the lookout for those.

Miss K’s Gourmet Salts – For date night on the 14th, why not stay in and re-create fancy restaurant meals and enhance their flavors with gourmet salts? Miss K, the 11-year-old kidpreneur behind Miss K’s Gourmet Salts, who also happens to have autism, shares her passion for great-tasting food with others through her business. Besides homemade  flavored salts like Chili Lime Salt and Garlic-infused Salt, Miss K also makes herbal teas that you and your partner can enjoy as an after-dinner treat.

Sweet Christi’s – Pamper your loved ones by gifting them a bundle of bubbly bath treats from Sweet Christi’s. From soaps to bath salts to body butters that look and smell like delectable sweet treats, Sweet Christi’s is owned and operated by teen entrepreneur Christianna Alexander. Christianna, who has learning disabilities, uses her platform to encourage other girls with learning disabilities to become young girl entrepreneurs.

For the Whole Family to Enjoy Valentine’s Day Together

Show everyone in your fam how special you think they all are.

Isla the Owl – Isla the Owl, founded by kidpreneur Isla Nolan, sells cookbooks that teach young kids and pre-teens how to read recipes and bake brownies. The cookbook also doubles as a coloring book for kids and adults to do together. From baking to coloring, these boxes are filled with fun, engaging activities for you and your family to do on February 14.

Ava’s Pet Palace – Valentine’s Day is also for fur babies of the family. Young girl entrepreneur Ava, 14-year-old Founder and Chief Pet Officer of Ava’s Pet Palace, bakes pet treats using simple, organic, and all-natural ingredients that are safe and healthy for dogs and cats. You can also give a V-day gift of choice with an Ava’s Pet Palace gift card that’s redeemable on Ava’s online shop.

 Rose Bows – Fur parents can also match with their pets this Valentine’s Day with matching hair bow sets from Rose Bows. The kid CEO and owner of Rose Bows started sewing hair bows and accessories for people and dogs when she was 8 years old. Her e-commerce shop also has custom clothes, wallets, and bracelets that you can purchase and give as gifts.

For Childhood Friends, Family Friends, and BFFs

Valentine’s Day is also a celebration of all forms of love, especially friendship.

Dreah Dreah Shea Butter – Andrea “Dreah” Harry was 10 years old when she launched her skin and hair care business after trying so many kinds of lotions and creams that didn’t moisturize and protect her extremely dry skin. She was determined to find a solution. So, with the help of her mom, Dreah experimented with different mixtures and fragrances and found the right formula for her all-natural and organic Shea Butter. If you have friends with extremely dry skin, a Dreah Dreah Shea Butter product is a thoughtful gift to give them.

Thousand Bamboos – How about handmade polymer clay jewelry for your circle of friends? Plus, when you shop from 15-year-old Kiana Fong’s jewelry biz, a portion of the profits go to Thousand Smiles, her non-profit organization that creates care packages for sick kids in local hospitals.

Somers 27 Soap Co – The teen entrepreneur behind Somers 27 Soap Co. handcrafts natural products, such as goat’s milk soap, rose water toner, and bamboo soap trays. All of the products also come in eco-friendly packaging.

For the Young Ones You Love and Adore

Kids (yours or nieces, nephews, and stepkids) deserve Valentine’s Day gifts, too.

Kimmy’s Smile – Kidpreneur Kimaya, owner of Kimmy’s Smile, writes and publishes books that help young children learn the alphabet, math, and more. At the same time, Kimaya makes and sells all-natural lip gloss and bath bomb products for kids and young adults.

Jade’s Beautiful Bows – The satin bows and hair accessories from Jade’s Beautiful Bows are guaranteed to dress up any kid’s locks. Young kid entrepreneur Jade designs the hair bows and clips and sells them starting at $4 each.

 Lip Bulbs – Launched in 2019 by teen entrepreneur Madison who was 10 at the time, Lip Bulbs come in a lightbulb-shaped lip gloss container with five shades to choose from. Despite being small in size, lip gloss is a tried-and-true Valentine’s Day gift that any tween or teen would surely love and actually use.

For the Teachers You and the Young Ones Appreciate

Make teachers feel appreciated with these wonderful gifts.

Clarissa’s Storybook Castle – Young kid entrepreneur Clarissa founded Clarissa’s Storybook Castle last year at the age of 9 so she could encourage other kids to read more. Through her startup, Clarissa collaborates with different authors and shares their stories on her social media channels. At the same time, she prints confidence-boosting affirmations and statements on T-shirts and sells these tops online. Her mission, business goals, and products align with many teachers who help kids become avid readers and confident students.

BookIt4Life Book & Social Club – Teen entrepreneur Peighton and her twin brother, Bryson, started a non-profit organization, BookIt4Life Book & Social Club, to share their love of reading and helping out in different communities. They have club members nationwide who raise funds and provide basic school supplies to families in need. You can make a donation in someone’s name in place of a Valentine’s Day gift.

Liznic Sensations – Nicole Tukahirwa and her best friend, Lizzy Lopez, are the young girl bosses behind Liznic Sensations. The girls write children’s storybooks and donate a portion of their book sales to animal rescue and art therapy organizations. Their books, such as Bell’s Life Lesson, Segregation Isn’t the Answer, and The American Dream, would make great additions to classrooms of your favorite teachers.


Whatever your budget and whoever you’re buying for, we’re confident these Valentine’s Day gift ideas are sure to impress everyone on your list. At the same time, your orders and purchases help The Startup Squad girlpreneurs grow their businesses and self-confidence even more. Happy shopping and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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