Raising Entrepreneurial Girls


With some advance planning, your kids can set their business goals and achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

Starting a business has to start somewhere. And that ‘somewhere’ can be found in a plan. To be specific, a business plan; a road map that describes how a startup operates, what the goals are, and how to achieve these goals. So, if your future girl boss has a passion or an idea that she believes has real business potential, encourage her to put her thoughts into words.

Putting pen to paper is key to turning an idea into a reality and starting a business off on the right foot. And we can help! The Startup Squad has created the ultimate kid-friendly business plan template. We call it the Startup Roadmap.

It has everything she’ll need to plan out her business including:

  1. Motivation: What’s Your Why? Encourage your girl to self-reflect with this question, “Why do you want to start a business?” She can list as many answers as possible and refer to them when she feels like she’s lost her way and needs a motivation boost.
  2. The Big Idea: What Problem Will You Solve? Ask your girl what she enjoys doing or what she’s passionate about. Lots of hobbies and interests have business potential. Or, your girl can improve an existing product or service and base her business on the improvements.
  3. “It” Factor: What Makes You or Your Product Different? Your girl can either develop a compelling startup story or think of specific benefits that set her product or service apart from other businesses.
  4. Customer Research: How Will You Make Sure People Will Buy Your Product? Customer research is an essential section of a business plan. It allows your girl to collect candid feedback from product testers and tweak what’s needed before launching her business.
  5. Money Matters: How Will You Make a Profit? Empower your girl to do the math. Remind her to factor in all costs, from one-time upfront charges to operating expenses. And if her startup is a service-based one, she should include how much her time is worth in the calculation.
  6. Sales Pitch: What Will You Say to People to Convince Them to Buy Your Product or Service? Similar to advertising, a sales pitch is your girl’s go-to spiel for convincing a prospect and closing a sale. It’s the first few words a customer hears, so it’s best if the pitch is creative, clear, and concise. And that your girl rehearses it often.
  7. And so much more!

You can download your Startup Roadmap here. It’s the perfect companion to The Startup Squad Book #3: Party Problems. In our latest book, Didi gets a job creating place cards for a wedding but then is thrown into having to plan the entire wedding! Meanwhile, Amelia creates a business plan to help her think through all aspect of her video business.

Party Problems also includes tips about finding a business to match your passions and market research as well as a profile of an inspiring entrepreneur. Order your copy today!


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