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What it Takes to be a Cookie Selling Queen

Our cookie-selling tips will help your girlpreneur come out on top this cookie season!

It’s that time of the year: Girl Scout Cookie season! Thin Mints, Tagalongs, and cookie sales are on every Girl Scout’s mind. Whether she’s a newbie or a seasoned seller in the biggest girl-led entrepreneurship program in the country, The Startup Squad is here to lend your girl a helping hand to ensure her success.

We’ve baked up some tried-and-tested cookie-selling tips that have helped hundreds of cookie sellers reach their cookie program goals. Now it’s your girl’s turn! With these tips, your girl can tap into her inner entrepreneur and make the most out of her cookie season.

Tip #1: Maximize the marketing

People are always on the move, so your girl has to catch their attention. Big, shiny signs with bright colors help, and so does a catchy slogan. A beautifully decorated booth doesn’t hurt either. You can also encourage friends and family to use every analog (i.e., landline phone) or digital route (i.e., social media) to spread the word about your girl’s cookie sales.

Tip #2: Practice your pitch

Your girl can come up with a solid spiel by including her favorite cookie’s features and benefits, highlighting new cookies, and explaining her sales goals, especially if they’re for a good cause. Encourage her to promote the option to donate a box or two to the troops or a food bank. More importantly, advise your girl to practice her sales pitch beforehand like a line from the school play until she is comfortable talking to strangers (a.k.a. her customers).

Tip #3: Cultivate and capitalize on repeat buyers and word of mouth

Happy customers are more than likely to turn into loyal customers who will buy cookies from your girl year after year. Their A+ recommendation to friends and family can also give your girl’s cookie business a word-of-mouth boost! Tell neighbors or friends that bought cookies from you last year that you are selling again and have more of their favorite cookies waiting for them!

Tip #4: Get crafty and creative with the cookies (and the booth!)

Your girl can elevate her customers’ cookie booth experience with eye-catching labels, decorations, and box stacking. Feature her bestsellers prominently and show off multiple boxes of each type of cookie to tempt passersby into buying more than one type or box.

Tip #5: Reserve the best spot for the booth

As long as there’s an all clear from the powers that be in your town, and the troop leader gives the green light, your girl should choose a prime spot for her setup. If the area she chooses doesn’t get as much foot traffic as expected, then let her relocate to a new location and try again.

Here’s a bonus tip: Download a cheat sheet of these and many more tips for your girl to keep with her every time she sells her cookies. Even the best cookiepreneur can benefit from these handy reminders and useful advice. In addition to these tips, your words of encouragement and emotional support are the most important ingredients to your girl’s recipe for success.

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